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blSunday, 22/01/2017Best Betting Odds br
21:05ATL Falcons vs GB Packers 1.482.88All Odds 

blMonday, 23/01/2017Best Betting Odds br
00:40NE Patriots vs PIT Steelers 1.433.20All Odds 

American football is known in the United States simply as football, but it is a vastly different game to that of soccer, from which it steals its name and owes its origins. Read on to find out how using our odds comparison service will help your American football bets become more profitable.

More comparable to rugby than association football, the use of forward passing (not permitted in rugby) and the wearing of helmets and extensive protective padding (which would be laughed at in any rugby club in the world!) allow the sport to be hard-hitting in the extreme. It is a highly technical game, with stats aplenty from which to do your research on teams, leagues and individual players.

When betting on American football you can choose to bet on outright winners in individual matches or overall competitions – such as the NFL, NCAA or others – all of which are covered extensively by our odds comparison service. We scour the best bookmakers in the business and present the betting odds so you can easily find the best price in a given market, meaning you win more when your bets come in.

The NFL is the pinnacle of the professional game, and is highly competitive with the college draft system ensuring one or two teams are unable to dominate for long (with the sides who finish lower down the league getting first picks at the brightest stars from the college American football system). That means many teams are in with a decent shout of success and, with some equity in the standard of the teams compared to many other sports, betting on American football can give excellent opportunities for profit-making.

The NFL season culminates in the Super Bowl, the showcase final that decides which team is the ultimate NFL winner. The big match itself has betting odds available for lots of markets, and we will make sure you can find the best prices right here for that and many other American football matches.


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