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Bandy is a winter sport played on ice between two sides of 11 players each. It has many similarities with field hockey and also with football (soccer) and is played in countries as diverse as England, Australia, India, Russia and Argentina, though it is most popular in Scandinavia. It is growing in popularity and the 29 members of the Federation of International Bandy hope to have the sport accepted into the 2010 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Betting on the sport remains a relatively niche activity, especially outside of Scandinavia and one or two other countries. However, our live betting odds comparison service will bring you all the latest odds from the biggest bandy leagues, whether you want to bet match by match or on the outright league markets.

With various countries operating leagues there is no shortage of bandy betting, with the Swedish league probably the most established. The season there culminates with the final in March but with the sport hugely popular in Russia, Norway and Finland too, during the winter and early spring there is a real bandy betting bonanza – and we’ll have all the best betting odds right here.

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