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blSunday, 22/01/2017Best Betting Odds br
Thailand - TBL12
11:30Mono Thewphaingarm vs Hanoi Buffaloes 1.205.00All Odds 
Philippines - PBA Cup
11:45Barangay Ginebra vs Phoenix Petroleum 1.453.00All OddsWatch Live Streaming on Bet365
Spain - LEB Gold
12:00Caceres 2016 vs Oviedo CB 2.411.68All Odds 
Italy - Lega 1
12:00Trento vs Enel Brindisi 1.622.55All OddsWatch Live Streaming on Bet365
Indonesia - IBL
12:00CLS Knights Surabaya vs Satria Muda 1.662.15All Odds 
Spain - ACB
12:30Cai Zaragoza vs Unicaja Malaga 1.852.11All OddsWatch Live Streaming on Bet365
12:30Estudiantes vs Bilbao 1.602.52All OddsWatch Live Streaming on Bet365
12:30Fuenlabrada vs J. Badalona 1.353.60All Odds 
12:30Polaris Murcia vs Laboral Vitoria 3.001.49All OddsWatch Live Streaming on Bet365
China - CBA12
12:35Qingdao vs Jilin 1.195.31All Odds 
12:35Shangdong vs Guangdong 3.001.49All Odds 
12:35Tianjin vs Guangzhou Longlions 1.089.50All Odds 
12:35Shenzhen vs Bayi 1.0118.00All Odds 
12:35Beijing Ducks vs Jiangsu Dragons 1.264.33All Odds 
12:35Sichuan Jinqiang vs Shanghai 1.612.50All Odds 
12:35Beijing BeiKong vs Jiangsu Tongxi 1.433.42All Odds 
12:35Fujian vs Shanxi Brave Dragons 3.651.37All Odds 
12:35Liaoning vs Xinjiang 1.842.16All Odds 
12:35Zhejiang Guangsha vs Zhejiang Chouzhou 1.0121.00All Odds 
Poland - PLK12
12:40Rosa Radom vs Zastal Zielona 3.201.59All Odds 
13:00Hong Kong Eastern vs Alab Pilipinas 1.762.20All Odds 
Russia - Premier League W
13:00Nadezhda Orenburg vs Dynamo Kursk 2.251.62All Odds 
13:00Spartak Noginsk vs Dinamo-GUVD 7.001.12All Odds 
Poland - PLK
13:00Wilki Morskie Szczecin vs AZS Koszalin 1.403.55All Odds 
Serbia - 1. KLS12
13:00Mladost vs Tamis Pancevo 1.552.30All Odds 
Russia - VTB United League
13:10Enisey Krasnoyarsk vs Kuban Krasnodar 6.251.17All Odds 
Turkey - BSL
14:00Banvit vs Yelsigiresun BLD 1.186.50All Odds 
Turkey - TKBL W
14:00AGU Spor Kulubu vs Canik Beled 1.098.00All Odds 
Thailand - TBL
14:00Mono Vampire BC vs Nakhon Pathom Mad . 1.502.50All Odds 
Turkey - TKBL W
14:00Ulker Istanbul vs Yakin Dogu Uni 1.333.25All Odds 

Betting on basketball just got a whole lot easier thanks to our odds comparison service that compares the betting odds from all the top bookmakers to make sure you only ever get the highest odds for the biggest pay-out on the main basketball betting markets.

Basketball is a great sport on which to bet because of its fast and frenetic pace and high scores. The action is end to end and often the winner is not decided until the very final seconds of the match. This makes it great fun to bet on – with tension and excitement to the very end – and with our odds comparison service making sure you get the best odds available you also have a good chance of making it a profitable bet too.

Here at odds1x2 we compare the betting odds from just about every basketball league imaginable so whether you like to bet on the big boys in the NBA or the lesser leagues in Latvia, Brazil, Slovenia, France or just about anywhere else, we’ve got it covered.

We also cover a range of markets, providing the betting odds for the most popular basketball bets out there. The main bet is simply which team will win, shown here as 1 (the home team) or 2 (the away side) and this is probably the most popular option with basketball fans.

However, we also offer odds comparison on the handicap market, which usually offers roughly the same odds for both sides but with one team receiving a handicap of a certain number of points, effectively levelling the playing field when one side is perceived as much better than their opponents.

The other main market we examine is points, with bookmakers usually quoting a figure of around 180 points and the option to bet on whether the total game points will be under or over that figure. As with the handicap betting the points total is set so that betting on either outcome is broadly the same odds.

Whatever you want to bet on we are confident you will find the best betting odds right here!


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