Brazil Primeira Liga Betting Odds Comparison

The Brazilian Primeira Liga is a brand new competition set up by clubs from some of the biggest parts of Brazil. It was designed as a response to the divisive State Championships in the country. These historically important competitions are often said to be outdated, due to their mismatched nature and the strain they put on the domestic schedule.

These competitions often match up tiny sides from many divisions below, which leads to very poor attendances. The lack of interest cuts in to the clubs budget, and as a result, the Primeira Liga was born. This matches up some of the biggest sides from five areas of the country, and enters them in to a 12 team competition, spread over about two months. The inaugural season kicked off in late January 2016, and it finishes up in early April.

With that kind of schedule, you can see the players getting a little punished. On the other hand, that makes Brazilian football almost perfect for football betting fans. With almost year round games, and accessible matches, there’s almost always something you can bet on. The way that betting is going now, with football becoming increasingly global, more and more bookmakers are offering odds on tournaments around the world.

From just match winner odds up to relegation betting and outright winner markets, there’s plenty you can bet on to make Brazilian football more interesting. Given that the Primeira Liga comes at a time when big sides are facing minnows, this is the perfect competition for you to follow.

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There’s little history to talk about with this competition, given that it’s just been created. It’s not a major move forward for Brazilian football, but it is at least a change to the schedule. And while many fans hate seeing the game change for money’s sake, at least fans have another great competition to keep their interest… and to win some money from.

The competition has a slightly similar set up to the Copa America, with 12 sides split into three groups. The four sides face each other once, with the top side in each group booking a place in the semis. Those three group winners are joined by the runner up with the highest points total.

The semi-finals and final are played as a single game at a neutral venue, which does a little to ease the fixture stress these clubs are under. In total there are 21 matches in the Primeira Liga, which gives us plenty of action to follow. With each of these games featuring top sides, this is where you should be putting your money at this time of year in Brazil.

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