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blFriday, 17/02/2017Best Betting Oddsbr
18:00FC Nordsjælland vs Lyngby 2.253.453.50All Odds
20:15Esbjerg vs SønderjyskeE 3.023.422.55All Odds

blSaturday, 18/02/2017Best Betting Oddsbr
16:00Silkeborg vs AC Horsens 2.173.443.67All Odds

blSunday, 19/02/2017Best Betting Oddsbr
13:30FC København vs Brøndby IF 1.803.855.02All Odds
16:00AGF vs AaB 2.203.433.60All Odds
18:00FC Midtjylland vs Viborg 1.504.507.67All Odds

blMonday, 20/02/2017Best Betting Oddsbr
19:00OB vs Randers 2.833.352.75All Odds

The Danish Superliga is the premier football league in Denmark and our live betting odds comparison makes betting on it easy, profitable and quick. If you want to place a bet on Danish football don’t accept poor odds and don’t waste time checking every bookie, just head straight to

Betting on the Superliga is a great way to avoid withdrawal symptoms when most of the European football leagues go on holiday. In Denmark the season runs from July to May with a long winter break that spans December, January and February.

There are 12 teams and they play each other three times to create a 33-game season. Danish football has improved markedly in recent years and the Superliga’s UEFA status reflects this. This is largely down to the success of FC Copenhagen, the most successful side in Denmark and also down to favourable tax laws that have allowed clubs to afford better players.

It is a decent breeding ground for quality players with an ultra-competitive nature that sees two of the 12 sides relegated each year. Betting on the Superliga, be it on the weekly matches, the title or the relegation battle can be highly profitable, so what are you waiting for?

The Danish Superliga – known as the Superligaen in Denmark – is the top division of Danish football and is competed by 12 teams who play each other three times over the season. The Superliga is the highest ranked football league of the Nordic countries (according to UEFA) and has been increasing in quality and in terms of their average attendances in recent years.

Top teams in the division include Copenhagen and Bronby, and indeed it has been these sides – particularly the former – who have dominated the division since its inception in 1991 (replacing the former 1st Division). Copenhagen have won 10 championship titles and Bronby have taken six since 1991.

Despite this, the Superliga is a competitive division and with two sides of the 12 being relegated each year the teams who are not challenging for the title still have something to play for. This means football in Denmark is great to watch and even better to bet on. So check out our live betting odds comparison service to get the best betting odds every time, whether you are betting on individual matches or the outright league winners.

Outright winner

ltLeague Table
TeamGWDLGoalsG. Diff.P
1FC København21165046 - 83853
2Brøndby IF21126343 - 172642
3FC Midtjylland2195739 - 251432
4Randers2195725 - 23232
5Lyngby2194820 - 19131
6SønderjyskeE2179525 - 26-130
7AC Horsens2176827 - 35-827
8AaB2175921 - 30-926
9FC Nordsjælland2167830 - 35-525
10Silkeborg2159726 - 35-924
11AGF21651028 - 32-423
12Esbjerg21471023 - 42-1919
13OB21461116 - 29-1318
14Viborg21451223 - 36-1317

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