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The English Premier League is the top division of football (soccer) in England and is one of the most fast-paced and exciting football leagues in the world and with a global audience of over 4.5 billion people it is the most watched on the planet.


blMonday, 29/12/2014Best Betting Oddsbr
21:00Liverpool vs Swansea 1.754.005.80All Odds

blThursday, 01/01/2015Best Betting Oddsbr
13:45Stoke City vs Manchester Utd 4.853.752.00All Odds
16:00Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace 2.403.403.40All Odds
16:00Hull City vs Everton 3.703.402.30All Odds
16:00Liverpool vs Leicester City 1.405.5011.00All Odds
16:00Man City vs Sunderland 1.257.1016.40All Odds
16:00Newcastle vs Burnley 1.734.005.70All Odds
16:00QPR vs Swansea 3.113.402.55All Odds
16:00Southampton vs Arsenal 3.103.502.60All Odds
16:00West Ham vs West Bromwich 1.953.754.75All Odds
18:30Tottenham vs Chelsea 4.803.772.05All Odds

blSaturday, 10/01/2015Best Betting Oddsbr
13:45Sunderland vs Liverpool 4.403.751.95All Odds
16:00Burnley vs QPR 2.453.403.50All Odds
16:00Chelsea vs Newcastle 1.316.0015.00All Odds
16:00Everton vs Man City 4.753.651.92All Odds
16:00Leicester City vs Aston Villa 2.743.353.13All Odds
16:00Swansea vs West Ham 2.383.403.40All Odds
16:00West Bromwich vs Hull City 2.263.404.00All Odds
18:30Crystal Palace vs Tottenham 3.703.502.22All Odds

blSunday, 11/01/2015Best Betting Oddsbr
14:30Arsenal vs Stoke City 1.474.558.70All Odds
17:00Manchester Utd vs Southampton 1.734.558.70All Odds

The Premier League was introduced in 1992 to replace the old Football League First Division to take advantage of lucrative TV contracts on offer. The format of the league is of 20 teams who play each other twice in a season (home and away). As such there are plenty of betting opportunities available, and our live betting odds comparison service will help you get the best value every time.

The Premier League has been dominated by a small number of clubs, with Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson having won the championship title 13 times between 1992 and the great manager’s retirement at the end of the 2012-13 season, with London sides Arsenal and Chelsea each having picked up multiple titles. The nature of the league and the high standard of players within it make it an exciting spectacle in which many sides – bar the top few – are very evenly matched, so there is scope for great betting value.

Outright winner
Top 4 Finish
Top 6 Finish
Top Goalscorer
Finish Outside Top 4
Top 10 Finish
To Stay Up
To Finish Bottom
Bottom Half Finish
Winner Without Man City and Chelsea
Top London Club
Top Midlands Club
Top North West Club
Top North East Club

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