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Germany - Bundesliga Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

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blFriday, 09/12/2016Best Betting Oddsbr
20:30Eint. Frankfurt vs Hoffenheim 2.483.503.03All Odds

blSaturday, 10/12/2016Best Betting Oddsbr
15:30Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg 1.188.6423.00All Odds
15:30FC Köln vs Dortmund 5.504.311.67All Odds
15:30Hamburg vs Augsburg 2.403.403.44All Odds
15:30Ingolstadt vs RB Leipzig 5.003.801.80All Odds
15:30Freiburg vs Darmstadt 1.733.805.80All Odds
18:30Hertha vs Werder Bremen 1.803.915.02All Odds

blSunday, 11/12/2016Best Betting Oddsbr
15:30B. M'gladbach vs Mainz 1.754.005.06All Odds
17:30Schalke vs Leverkusen 2.343.463.30All Odds

blFriday, 16/12/2016Best Betting Oddsbr
20:30Hoffenheim vs Dortmund 4.604.261.75All Odds

blSaturday, 17/12/2016Best Betting Oddsbr
15:30Schalke vs Freiburg 1.624.316.13All Odds
15:30Mainz vs Hamburg 2.003.804.00All Odds
15:30Augsburg vs B. M'gladbach 3.003.402.60All Odds
15:30Werder Bremen vs FC Köln 2.853.512.60All Odds
15:30RB Leipzig vs Hertha 1.753.805.56All Odds
18:30Wolfsburg vs Eint. Frankfurt 2.283.403.48All Odds

blSunday, 18/12/2016Best Betting Oddsbr
15:30Darmstadt vs Bayern Munich 26.008.681.15All Odds
17:30Leverkusen vs Ingolstadt 1.554.507.00All Odds

The Bundesliga is the top division in German football and has steadily increased in standard and popularity in recent years outside its home country. It is also the most highly attended football league in the world, and with both Champions League finalists in the 2012-13 season hailing from Germany (Bayern Munich, who lifted the trophy, and Borussia Dortmund) it seems only a matter of time before the Bundesliga is ranked higher than its current position as the third best league in Europe (according to UEFA, behind Spain’s La Liga and the English Premier League).

Running from August to May, the Bundesliga is contested by 18 teams who play each other home and away in the course of the season. As well as the aforementioned Champions League finalists, other famous teams include Schalke 04, VfB Stuttgart and Bayer Leverkusen, all of whom have appeared regularly in European competitions in recent years.

With Bundesliga matches being shown live across the globe, there is every chance to watch some of the fine football on display. And if you choose to enhance the excitement with a bet or two, be sure to use our live betting odds comparison service to get the best prices available.

Outright winner
Winner Without B Munich
Top 4 Finish
Top Goalscorer

ltLeague Table
TeamGWDLGoalsG. Diff.P
1RB Leipzig13103029 - 111833
2Bayern Munich1393129 - 92030
3Hertha1383222 - 13927
4Hoffenheim1367025 - 141125
5Eint. Frankfurt1374219 - 11825
6Dortmund1373331 - 151624
7FC Köln1364318 - 12622
8Schalke1352618 - 15317
9Leverkusen1352620 - 21-117
10Mainz1352623 - 25-217
11Freiburg1351717 - 25-816
12Augsburg1335511 - 15-414
13B. M'gladbach1334613 - 22-913
14Werder Bremen1332817 - 32-1511
15Wolfsburg1324712 - 18-610
16Darmstadt1322911 - 26-158
17Hamburg1314810 - 27-177
18Ingolstadt1313910 - 24-146

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