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Thursday 06/09
2.563.103.02All Odds
Thursday 06/09
2.343.383.11All Odds
Thursday 06/09 Odds
Thursday 06/09 Odds
Friday 07/09
1.913.504.92All Odds
Friday 07/09
2.503.173.26All Odds
Saturday 08/09
2.713.103.02All Odds
Saturday 08/09
1.853.305.12All Odds
Saturday 08/09
2.753.302.83All Odds

The UEFA Nations League may not be familiar to everyone but the idea was first mooted back in 2013. It is in essence a third tournament for UEFA members to take part in, along with the World Cup and the Euros. There is no question that it is a very distant third to those two major events but even so, it is hoped it will add a lot more interest to the annual schedule of international friendlies.

One key innovation is that the Nations League will also offer the chance for teams to qualify for the European Championships. This is sure to make at least some countries take a much keener interest in the Nations League and should make for much more competitive games. In time it is thought that this competition may also offer a route into the World Cup too, although that remains unconfirmed at present.

That’s of interest to betting fans in particular because predicting the outcome of friendly matches is usually so tough. Whilst many games within the Nations League may still be used for experimentation, lots of fixtures will be contested at full intensity. This, in theory should make betting on the Nations League much more interesting and less of a lottery.

If you do want to have a bet on the Nations League then this page is the place to be. We’ll have odds comparison for all the fixtures right here, helping you to get the best betting odds on a range of markets.

Nations League Format and Structure

The first ever Nations League gets underway in September 2018 following France’s victory in the World Cup in July. Games will take place during dates previously allocated to international friendly matches, with the main qualification games for the Euros and World Cup unaffected.

The format is relatively simple but we would expect changes to be made as the competition develops. For the 2018-19 Nations League there will be 55 sides, including Kosovo who became an officially recognised UEFA nation in 2016. There will be four Leagues, with League D the weakest and set to feature 16 sides. League C will have 15, with the top two divisions both consisting of 12 nations.

The divisions for the initial season will be decided using a ranking system based on recent results. League A, the top tier, will include England, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Croatia.

The 12 sides in Leagues A and B are split into four Groups (1-4) and will play each other home and away. League C has four groups of four and one of three, with the 16 teams in Group D divided into four groups of four.

The winners of each group in League A meet in the Nations League semi finals before a final will decide the overall champion. In the other Leagues, the group winners are promoted to the league above, with group losers (the nation finishing bottom), relegated.

Obviously there is no promotion from League A or relegation from League D. Aside from promotion, relegation and the overall title, there are, as said, four spots at the Euros up for grabs. These will be decided using the highest ranked non-qualified sides from each group in order to generate 16 teams. The 16 nations will be split in to four, with semis and a final deciding which four nations will be heading to the European Championships.

This new tournament offers a number of big advantages, guaranteeing the best sides lots of high class friendly games that should prove easy to market. In addition, the lesser nations will benefit as the TV contract with UEFA is centralised. Moreover, such sides will have an extra chance to qualify for the Euros.

Some may argue this latter points is a negative, devaluing the main qualification process. However, all in all we think the early signs about the Nations League are positive. The tournament should definitely serve to make friendly games far more interesting and, hopefully, make betting on them a little more predictable.

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