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blSaturday, 27/08/2016Best Betting Odds br
Germany - Cup1X2
15:00Bergischer vs TV Emsdetten 1.1415.008.50All Odds 
16:00TBV Lemgo vs Lübbecke 1.1414.008.50All Odds 
International Friendlies W
16:00CSM Unirea Slobozia vs HCM Roman 5.0012.001.20All Odds 
Germany - Cup
16:30Wilhelmshavener vs VfL Potsdam 1.2212.006.00All Odds 
International Friendlies
17:00Motor Zaporoshje vs ZTR Zaporozhye 1.0815.008.00All Odds 
Germany - Cup
17:00SG Bietigheim vs Leichlinger TV 1.4011.003.80All Odds 
17:00TV Hüttenberg vs Wetzlar 11.0016.001.10All Odds 
17:30EHV Aue vs HSG Konstanz 1.4011.004.00All Odds 
International Friendlies W1X2
18:00Corona 2010 Brasov vs HC Dunarea Brai. 1.619.002.62All Odds 
Germany - Cup
18:30GWD Minden vs TV Korschenbroich 1.0124.0020.00All Odds 
19:00Empor Rostock vs Eintracht Hagen 1.3611.505.00All Odds 
19:00HSG Nordhorn vs Magdeburg 11.0016.001.12All Odds 
19:00Hannover-Burgdorf vs VfL Bad Schwartau 1.1414.008.50All Odds 
19:00Hamm-Westfalen vs Neusser HV 1.1714.008.50All Odds 
19:30SG DJK Rimpar vs HG Saarlouis 2.659.501.75All Odds 
19:30HC Erlangen vs Bayer Dormagen 1.0124.0021.00All Odds 

blWednesday, 31/08/2016Best Betting Odds br
20:15Rhein-Neckar vs Magdeburg 1.3310.005.00All Odds 

Whether you are an avid fan of handball or new to the sport, you will find the best betting odds from the major handball leagues and competitions rights here on We compare the betting odds from Europe’s leading bookmakers to ensure you get the best possible price on all your handball bets, giving you the chance to maximise your profits.

Those who are familiar with the sport of handball will no doubt appreciate the fast – sometimes frenetic – pace, with goals galore for both sides in most matches, often with more than 60 scored in total. Each team has seven players, six outfield and one goalkeeper, and the object – like many ball sports – is simply to score more goals than the opposition. The sport could be viewed as a cross between football (soccer) and basketball, with the tactical team play and skill of the former and the speed of play and end-to-end style of the latter.

Extremely popular in many European countries, and growing in further flung destinations, we present the best betting odds on many of the European leagues including the Bundesliga of Germany, the Extraliga of the Czech Republic and Liga Andebol of Portugal. With other important and exciting tournaments also covered – such as the Champions League and the European Championship – brings you the best betting options from this exhilarating sport.

As well as betting on the outright market of which team will win a match, you can often choose other options such as handicaps or over/under and specified number of goals, both of which can keep your bet alive through the whole match. If you haven’t yet watched any handball matches, we urge you to do so as you will not be disappointed, and if you use our odds comparison service you will only ever get the best betting odds from the top bookies.


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3% ZSC Lions - Lukko Rauma
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2.57% Croatia - Turkey
2.02% N. Broady - L. Robson
2.02% N. Broady - L. Robson
2.02% N. Broady - L. Robson
1.98% Everton - Palestino
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