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02:00PIT Penguins vs NAS Predators Odds

The NHL, or National Hockey League, is the fastest, most exciting and most prestigious league in the world of ice hockey. Highly competitive and as exhilarating as any sport out there, it really is a great sport to watch… and even more so if you bet on it!

It features teams from the USA and Canada in a season that runs from October (though there is an exhibition season in September) through to April, with the post-season following that, culminating in the Stanley Cup Finals in late May and June when the top two teams compete for the coveted (and huge) Stanley Cup.

The most successful team in the Stanley Cup era (since 1915) is the Montreal Canadiens (Les Canadiens de Montréal) who have won the cup 24 times. Next is the Detroit Redwings with 11 championships and who were also the last team to win two years running (in 1997 and 1998).

With each team playing 82 games in the regular season alone, there is plenty of action to enjoy and no shortage of matches on which to bet. And with no draws it’s a simple and easy sport to bet on and with fast-paced, end to end action, the ice is always full of excitement.

Whether you want to bet on every game each week or just on which team will lift the famous trophy in June, our live betting odds comparison service will bring you the very best odds from the top bookies in the business. Don’t accept substandard odds – use for the best odds every time, whatever your pick!

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