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The Jump - Outright Winner Betting Tips and Odds


The Jump is one of those reality TV shows where you feel that many of the contestants get involved not for their 15 seconds of fame but because they genuinely want to take part in the show. Like Strictly Come Dancing, The Jump promises them an opportunity to learn new skills and try things they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to experience.

In 2016, however, many of the participants may well have wished they had opted for the safety of the dancefloor, whilst even the chaos, drama and unusual antics of the jungle or a certain celebrity house would have been preferable to the broken bones of the snow and ice.

When assessing the outright winner betting for the 2016 series of The Jump our task has been made somewhat easier by the awful injuries that have rendered around a third of the field as withdrawals. The most serious injury of all was sustained by Beth Tweddle and we wish her well, whilst Rebecca Adlington also suffered a very painful dislocated shoulder and Holby actor Tina Hobley dislocated her elbow. In addition to that unlucky trio, Linford Christie has become the latest celebrity to withdraw, unable to shake off a hamstring injury, whilst Made in Chelsea’s Mark-Francis Vandelli was also forced to leave the show. With injuries suffered by various other contestants too, the show is in something of a crisis but Ben Cohen has become the latest “sub”, stepping in for Christie.

So, now that we’ve covered just how dangerous it is, the key question is, who will win from the remaining hardy/brave/foolish souls? Well, the outright winner betting is headed by Tom Parker, himself a replacement (for Hobley) and the former The Wanted star is priced at best betting odds of just 2/1 with Unibet to claim Austrian glory. Parker is young, fit, likeable and, apparently, a very good skier, whilst he has already proved himself very skilled at a range of events.

However, beating Superman is always going to be a tough task and if Parker is to win The Jump this year that is exactly (sort of!) what he will need to do. That’s because the second favourite is Dean Cain, star of the Superman TV series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Cain will be 50 in the summer and is certainly packing a few more pounds than in his Clark Kent days but has shown he is fiercely competitive, highly skilled and very ready for the battle. Cain is priced at odds of 3/1 with Ladbrokes and we predict that if he steers clear of injuries he will push Parker all the way.

Beyond the two market leaders nobody really makes any appeal when it comes to the outright winner of this year’s The Jump. Ben Cohen is set to replace Christie, as mentioned, but there are no odds available for the former rugby union star at the moment and until we see him on the slopes and ice we can’t really make any judgement. However, coming into a show such as this so late has to be a huge disadvantage.

The joint-third favourites, both priced at odds of 9/1 with Coral, are socialite Tamara Beckwith and former boybander Brian McFadden, whilst Eastender Sid Owen is not too far back at 10/1 with Unibet. Injury to one or both of the top two could open the door for one of these three but we predict both Cain and Parker have the skills to stay out of harm’s way.

On balance we have to side with the favourite and we predict Tom Parker will win this year’s The Jump. Odds of 2/1 are very solid value and with both previous series having been won by men of a similar age and physical stature, Parker just has to be our outright winner betting tip.