Politics Odds Comparison including Next US President

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US Elections

Joe Biden4.00All Odds

US Elections

Donald Trump1.17All Odds

UK Elections

Michael Gove5.00All Odds

UK Elections

Michael Gove4.33All Odds

UK Elections

Jo Swinson1.72All Odds

UK Elections

Emily Thornberry6.50All Odds

US Elections

Donald Trump2.62All Odds

US Elections

Democrats1.57All Odds

UK Elections

Conservative Party1.80All Odds

UK Elections

No Overall Majority1.90All Odds

Betting on politics has become more and more popular in recent years. Bookmakers have become wise to the fact that punters are interested in trying to make money by backing the next Prime Minister of the UK or the next US President and they have steadily increased the number of betting markets available.

Here we will run through a few of the betting options available to punters with an interest in politics, explaining how the different markets work, the pitfalls to avoid and the potential strategies to use to maximise your profits.

One of the most immediate strategies, of course, is to utilise out live betting odds comparison tables which compare the odds from the best bookies around so you can swiftly see the best available prices. Thus, when you pick your bets wisely, you maximise the winnings you receive, which could prove highly significant in the volatile world of politics betting.

So, let us look at the most popular betting markets available when it comes to politics, firstly in the United Kingdom. One of the most common bets is the Next Prime Minister market. This is obviously increasingly popular as a general election approaches as the prospect of a change in the resident of 10 Downing Street is heightened somewhat.

Of course, the market could indeed pay out at any point during the term of a government, as we experienced in 2016 when David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister after losing the ill-fated EU referendum he called. As such, anyone who backed Theresa May to be the next PM but who thought they might be waiting a few years would have been very pleased when she got the job in the summer of 2016.

Of course, one of the big political betting events of 2016 was the aforementioned EU referendum, which saw plenty of punters betting against their preferred option so that at least they got a pay-out if the vote went against their views. Hedging your bets in this way is always an interesting option when it comes to political betting, especially where the market in question is likely to have financial implications, as most do.

As well as the Next Prime Minister, punters can also bet on the next leader of any of the main political parties. As shown by Jeremy Corbyn’s shock victory in the Labour leadership election of 2015, the bookies can get the betting odds very wrong indeed – Corbyn was priced as the 500/1 outsider by some bookies at the start of the contest. How times change… in the second leadership election Corbyn contested, he was the heavy odds-on favourite from the start!

Political betting in the UK gets a whole lot more active as a General Election approaches, of course, with some bookies offering markets on the size of a party’s majority in individual constituencies, or indeed the number of seats a party wins in the Houses of Parliament.

One of the more light-hearted political betting markets in recent times revolved around the Leaders’ Debates ahead of the 2015 General Election whereby punters were able to play ‘Leaders’ Debate Bingo’ and bet cash on whether or not particular phrases (such as ‘hard working families’, ‘Australian-style points system’ and others) would be uttered by any of the leaders. For those in the know, it proved a bumper payday!

There are a similarly large number of betting markets available in the United States (and indeed some other countries), especially ahead of Presidential Elections. Bookies offer state-by-state markets in relation to which party/candidate wins, as well as markets concerned with voter turnout or the number of states won in total.

As with UK political betting, the main focus will be on who will become the President (obviously PM in the UK) and who will become party leader. These markets will account for the vast majority of the cash when it comes to betting on politics. As a consequence, they are also the best where the odds are most competitive, with almost all betting sites offering such odds.

In short, bookies will allow you to bet on almost anything related to politics, so if you do your homework and time your bet well, you might just pick out the next Jeremy Corbyn at tasty betting odds of 500/1. Good luck!

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