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blThursday, 27/07/2017Best Betting Odds br
Australia - NRL1X2
11:50Penrith Panthers vs Canterbury Bulldo. 1.4726.002.95All Odds 

blFriday, 28/07/2017Best Betting Odds br
10:00New Zealand W vs Cronulla Sharks 2.5026.001.64All Odds 
11:50Parramatta Eels vs Brisbane Broncos 3.0026.001.50All Odds 

blSaturday, 29/07/2017Best Betting Odds br
07:00Newcastle Knights vs St George-Il 4.2034.001.29All Odds 
09:30S. Sydney Rabbitohs vs Canberra Raide. 2.6323.001.62All Odds 
11:30Sydney Roosters vs N. Queensland Cowb. 1.7026.002.40All Odds 
England - Challenge Cup1X2
15:30Hull FC vs Leeds Rhinos 1.9123.002.10All Odds 

blSunday, 30/07/2017Best Betting Odds br
Australia - NRL
06:00Melbourne Storm vs Manly Sea E 1.6426.002.50All Odds 
08:00Gold Coast Titans vs Wests Tigers 1.3231.003.75All Odds 
England - Challenge Cup
15:30Wigan Warriors vs Salford 1.4026.003.25All Odds 

blThursday, 03/08/2017Best Betting Odds br
Australia - NRL
11:50Canterbury Bulldogs vs Parramatta Eels 2.2021.001.70All Odds 

blFriday, 04/08/2017Best Betting Odds br
10:00St George-Il vs S. Sydney Rabbitohs 1.5321.002.60All Odds 
11:50N. Queensland Cowboys vs Melbourne St. 2.2021.001.72All Odds 

blSaturday, 05/08/2017Best Betting Odds br
07:00Newcastle Knights vs New Zealand W 2.8723.001.45All Odds 
09:30Gold Coast Titans vs Brisbane Broncos 2.4021.001.61All Odds 
11:30Cronulla Sharks vs Canberra Raiders 1.5321.002.62All Odds 

blSunday, 06/08/2017Best Betting Odds br
06:00Manly Sea E vs Sydney Roosters 2.0521.001.83All Odds 
08:00Penrith Panthers vs Wests Tigers 1.2234.004.50All Odds 

Rugby League betting is a fun way to make an exciting game even more thrilling and by using our odds comparison service you can make it profitable too.

Rugby League is a popular sport in England, Australia, New Zealand and a selection of other countries too. It features 13 players on each side, plenty of heavy tackling and lots of points scoring in 80 minutes of non-stop action. There are plenty of big games spread across the major rugby league countries and so plenty of betting opportunities. If you want to make the very most of those and make a profit from your rugby league betting then the simplest way to do that is to use our website as we compare the odds on the teams you want to bet on.

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simply use our quick and easy odds comparison service to get the very best betting odds on whichever selection you want to bet on. Here at we cover a solid range of sports and compare around 50,000 sets of odds every day so if you want to place a rugby league bet on the Australian NRL or the Super League in the UK we’ll have the betting odds you’re looking for.

We cover a range of markets on each match too so if you don’t fancy betting on a particular team to win we have the odds for total points, or if you think a match is too close to call but want to back a particular team with a handicap, we’ve got that covered as well. All the matches, all the bets, always the best betting odds!


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Sydney Roosters - N. Queensland .
New Zealand W - Cronulla Sharks
Wigan Warriors - Salford
Parramatta Eels - Brisbane Bronc.
Hull FC - Leeds Rhinos
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3.74% Bayern Munich - Leverkusen
3.06% Liaoning - Changchun Yatai
2.81% Marseille - Dijon
1.17% Monaco - Toulouse
1.05% Real Madrid - Manchester Utd
0.6% Korea - Saudi Arabia
0.45% Hoffenheim - Werder Bremen
0.43% Lin Zhu - Fang Ying Xun
0.43% Real Salt Lake - Columbus
0.41% Ranheim - Tromsdalen
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