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Sporting Index: Spread Betting Market Leaders

Sporting Index are without doubt the biggest and best spread betting company in the world and have been around since 1992. If you are new to spread betting then this is the perfect place to start as we will tell you all about it, explaining how it works and also detailing the brilliant welcome offer that Sporting Index offer their new customers as a bonus when they first start out in the exciting world of spread betting.

As said, Sporting Index are the largest sports spread betting company in the world and account for 70% of the UK market. Spread betting is different from traditional fixed odds betting and betting exchanges in that you don’t bet on the result in a binary way in which you would simply either win or lose your bet. Instead, spread betting is more about predicting exactly what will happen, and to what degree, with your financial reward or losses, linked to how accurate your predictions are.

How Does Spread Betting Work?

Spread betting offers many markets that are similar to those found for standard fixed odds bets but the mechanics of the bet are slightly different. For example, in a football match you can bet on total goals of, for instance, over 1.5, over 2.5, over 3.5 goals and so on, each with fixed odds for over that total and also for under that total. Your bet either wins or loses and you either lose your stake or win a set amount according to the odds and the size of your bet.

In a spread betting total goals bets, the bookie - for example Sporting Index - will offer their prediction of how many goals the game will have and this forecast takes the form of a “spread”. Sporting Index may offer a spread of 2.65-2.85 goals on a given match and you have the option of either buying at 2.85 or selling at 2.65. Buying is effectively like predicting the total goals will be higher than the upper limit of the spread, whilst selling means you think the total will be lower than the lower limit.

If you think the given game will be a goalfest you might buy goals at 2.85 and in order to make a profit you need at least three goals in the match. However, rather than three goals or more leading to a fixed win, the more goals the game sees, the greater the payout on your bet will be. If you buy goals at £10 per goal you win £10 for every goal MORE than the spread that is scored. As such, if the game ends 2-1, leading to a “make-up” of three, your win is (3 - 2.85) x £10, so £1.50. However, if the game was 2-2 and thus a make-up of four, you would win (4 - 2.85) x £10, and so earn you £11.50.

On the other side of the coin, whilst your stake is £10, which is not the limit of your losses as each goal lower than the spread at which you bought will cost you. If you buy at 2.85 that means a game with two goals will cost you £8.50, but 1-0 will mean you lose £18.50 whilst 0-0 leaves you down by £28.50.

Spread betting has many advantages over traditional fixed odds betting and one of the biggest is that most wagers will still be “live” until the final whistle. In our example above, if you back over 2.5 goals and the match is 2-1 at half time your bet is over and whilst it won, which is great, there is no more excitement to be had. With a spread bet your entertainment would last to the final whistle, with every goal scored in the second half providing pure profit and adding £10 a pop to your winnings!

Sporting Index Promotion

Sporting Index are the most trusted brand in sports spread betting and they are offering new customers a brilliant bonus to give spread betting a try. If you join they will give you a free (non-withdrawable) £100 credit, meaning you can have two weeks of spread betting action with a very nice risk-free buffer of £100. Any losses up to £100 in your first 14 days of spread betting with Sporting Index will be covered, whilst anything you win over that level is yours to keep. Any losses above the £100 you will be eligible for, and account openings are subject to suitability checks. Terms and conditions apply (Check “Terms and conditions” on Sporting Index website).

Please note: Spread betting can be risky, and losses can exceed your initial deposit or credit limit. Make sure you read the market rules carefully so that you are aware of the risks involved.

This is a great chance for those new to spread betting to give it a try, safe in the knowledge that you have a generous £100 free credit to help you get off to a flying spread betting start! Just join now and your £100 freebie will be added within 24 hours and is then valid for two weeks. At the end of that period, any amount over £100 is yours to keep, whilst any losses up to the £100 won’t cost you a single penny!

Who Are Sporting Index?

Sporting Index are based in London in the UK and have been leading the way in sports spread betting since their launch in 1992. Initially a phone-based betting service, they now handle most transactions online, either on their easy-to-use betting site or via their very impressive mobile and tablet site, which are available via Android, and can be downloaded in the App Store.

They are an innovative company that have won numerous awards and continue to develop exciting new products, including their multiples betting and unique spread betting games. In-play betting is a large part of spread betting at Sporting Index and their live console is first rate.

The site, whilst remaining quick and intuitive, still packs in loads of great features, including an extensive spread betting tutorial, with a brilliant “Training Centre” and even the option to open a demo account so you can learn about spread betting without risking your own money or the welcome bonus.

They cover a wide range of sports but football has by far the most in-depth coverage, both in terms of leagues and also individual betting markets. Because spread betting works differently to a traditional bookmaker they don’t feature in our live betting odds comparison but the odds at Sporting Index are generally very strong and offer good value.

Sporting Index are not the spread betting market leader for nothing and with all these plusses, as well as top notch customer service and occasional promotions, competitions and bonuses for existing customers – not to mention the brilliant £100 (non-withdrawable) credit when you join – we thoroughly recommend giving them, and spread betting, a try.
Spread betting can be risky, and losses can exceed your initial deposit or credit limit.