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blSunday, 23/10/2016Best Betting Odds br
Korea - NH League12
07:00Rush & Cash vs KAL Jumbos 3.441.34All Odds 
Korea - NH League W
09:00Gimcheon Ex vs Hungkuk 2.201.81All Odds 
Italy - A2
12:00Tuscania vs Rinascita Lagonegro 1.108.00All Odds 
Spain - Superliga
12:00Cajasol Juvasa vs Rio Duero Soria 3.401.30All Odds 
12:30FC Barcelona vs Ushuaia Ibiza 5.001.14All Odds 
Russia - Superleague
14:00Ural Ufa vs L. Novosibirsk 3.391.36All Odds 
Poland - Liga Siatkówki W12
14:45Rzeszów vs Budowlani Lodz 2.731.57All Odds 
Italy - A2
16:00Siena vs Sieco Service Ortona 1.145.60All Odds 
France - Pro A Fém
17:00Saint Raphael vs RC Cannes 1.4710.00All Odds 
Poland - Liga Siatkówki W
17:00Trefl Sopot vs Farmutil Pila 3.251.89All Odds 
Poland - PLS
17:00Czestochowa vs Bydgoszcz 2.161.74All Odds 
France - Pro A
17:00Narbonne vs Toulouse 2.191.85All Odds 
Italy - A1 W12
17:00Sudtirol Bolzano vs Yamamay 3.251.75All Odds 
17:00Liu-Jo Volley Modena vs Club Italia 1.089.00All Odds 
17:00Il Bisonte Firenze vs Conegliano 4.201.33All Odds 
17:00Scandicci vs Bergamo 3.252.72All Odds 
Italy - A1
18:00Vibo Valentia vs Perugia 6.001.14All Odds 
18:00Latina vs Modena 5.001.17All Odds 
18:00Ravenna vs Verona 2.591.54All Odds 
18:00Biosi Indexa Sora vs Montichiari 3.501.28All Odds 
18:00Padova vs Molfetta 1.512.98All Odds 
Belgium - 1st League12
18:00VBC Shanks vs Topvolley Antwerpen 6.501.11All Odds 
Italy - A2
18:00Brescia vs Grottazzolina 1.443.00All Odds 
18:00Bergamo vs Spoleto 2.621.60All Odds 
18:00VBC Mondovi vs Montecchio Maggiore 1.672.28All Odds 
Italy - A112
18:10Milano vs Volley Lube Civitanova 8.001.07All Odds 
Romania - Divizia A1
18:30Municipal Zalau vs SCMU Craiova 1.662.10All Odds 
Italy - A2
19:30Volleyball Aversa vs Potenza Picena 1.423.25All Odds 
19:30Alessano vs Club Italia 1.147.50All Odds 
Belgium - 1st League
20:30Roselaere vs VDK Gent 1.0317.00All Odds 

Betting on volleyball is not a huge activity but with the sport growing in popularity and bookmakers always expanding the range of sports and bets they offer it is certainly on the increase. Our odds comparison service means that if you want to get the best odds possible you can do it very easily and quickly without having to check all the different bookmakers manually.

We compare odds from all of the major volleyball leagues across Europe and look at all the top bookmakers so it really is very simple to get the best betting odds available. This means that you’ll always get the highest returns possible from your volleyball bets which in the long-term will have a huge impact on your overall profits.

Volleyball itself has been around since the end of the 19th century and is usually played indoors, although grass and beach variations also exist, the latter being famous for its skimpy uniforms. Both standard volleyball and beach volleyball feature in the summer Olympic Games and the sport is hugely popular in the USA (where it was invented) and also in Brazil, China, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands and much of Eastern Europe.

Betting on volleyball is relatively simple as it is usually restricted to a few major markets, unlike some sports such as football (soccer) where there may be over 200 different bets available on a single game. As the sport increases in popularity and more people bet on it the bookmakers will expand their offering but for now the vast majority of bets are on which team will win an individual match or competition.

It couldn’t be easier: pick which team you think will win and then check our odds comparison service to see which bookmaker has the best betting odds on that selection. Sign up to the bookie, place your bets and watch the profits roll in!


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