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Sure bets go by a number of names, including surebets, arbs and arbitrage bets but whatever you call them, they are just about the best bets you can make because - whatever happens - you are guaranteed to win.
Arbitrage betting is a system of betting that allows you to back all sides of a proposition in such a way that, irrespective of the outcome of the events, you will always make a profit. These surebets comes about due to differences in pricing between bookmakers, either through a difference of opinion on the outcome of an event or due to a difference in updating odds in response to changes in the mood of the market.
Our live betting odds comparison automatically flags up these arbs here on our sure bets page, whilst our system even calculates your bets for you, making it really easy to lock in a profit, even without understanding the technicalities of arbitrage betting.

One way to comprehend the idea of a sure bet is to imagine an event with two outcomes, such as who will win the World Cup final. If Germany are playing Argentina, most bookmakers might price Germany at just under evens and Argentina as slight outsiders at just over evens.
If Lionel Messi was to get injured the day before the final, Germany would suddenly become much stronger favourites and bookmakers who react quickest might change the odds to 8/15 for Germany and 6/4 for Argentina.
However, assuming not all bookmakers react quickly enough, some may still offer betting odds of 4/5 for Germany to win and this would create a sure bet. By backing Germany at 4/5 and Argentina at 6/4 you can create a guaranteed profit whoever lifts the World Cup.
By backing exactly £58.14 on Germany and £41.86 on Argentina you can be sure of making a profit of £4.65. Surebets crop up every day – as you can see on this page – and with our system checking the odds for you, and even calculating the stakes, profiting from arbitrage betting has never been easier.

A sure bet, also known as an arb bet, or just an arb (short for arbitrage) is a form of bet where you cannot lose. Yes, you read that correctly. Sounds too good to be true? Well, in this case it really isn’t.

Bookmakers have different odds for many reasons and because there are now so many companies the differences can sometimes be quite pronounced. When they are sufficiently large that you can back all available outcomes and still make a profit, that is when you have a sure bet.

Suppose two evenly matched boxers are fighting and most bookmakers think that Frank Fist is the narrow outsider, so they put his odds at 21/20 in the No Draw market. However, some bookies think that the other boxer, Paul Punch is the outsider and they have his odds at the same price, 21/20, in the same market. By backing £200 on both fighters you are sure of making a profit of £10 no matter what happens. That is a sure bet.

Sure bets crop up for lots of different reasons, the main one being when bookmakers are slow to react to some new information. In our example, say you hear that Paul Punch has a minor hand injury. Most bookies react and change the odds so that he is now more of an outsider, and Frank Fist is a big favourite, but some bookies don’t change their odds straight away. This means you can still back Fist with them at 21/20 but you can back Punch with the others at 13/10, making an ever bigger, more profitable sure bet.

Of course, manually checking through every football match, every game of basketball and so on is very time consuming and it’s also quite difficult to spot an arb. That’s where our Sure Bets system comes in very handy!

We use the best technology to automatically check all the major bookies, compare their odds and show you all the latest sure bets. All you have to do is visit each bookie and place the bets. We even provide a handy calculator at the side of each sure bet that works out exactly how much you need to bet on each outcome and tells you what profit you will make.

Sure bets don’t normally last for long as the bookies will soon cut their odds. The quicker you can place your bets the more likely you are to make a profit. As such it is a good idea to make sure you have an account with each bookmaker and that they are all open and funded.

That’s the easy part though, and the rest – finding the bets and working out what to stake – is all taken care of with our Sure Bets tool. Enjoy the fruits of our labour!