Norway OBOS-Ligaen Betting Odds Comparison

Saturday 19/10
2.153.613.41All Odds
Sunday 20/10
2.013.604.00All Odds
Sunday 20/10
2.143.783.25All Odds
Sunday 20/10
6:00 PM Start v KFUM
1.684.175.00All Odds
Sunday 20/10
2.623.652.62All Odds
Sunday 20/10
1.335.389.83All Odds
Sunday 20/10
9.505.321.37All Odds
Sunday 20/10
1.544.506.00All Odds

The Adeccoligaen is the Norwegian First Division, but – despite the suggestion of the name – is actually the second highest division in the Norwegian football league system, below the Tippeligaen (Norwegian Premier League). While the Adeccoligaen is officially a professional league, a fair proportion of the players within it are semi-professional.

Though the standard of play is not great when compared to some other leagues in Europe, there are still some exciting matches to watch. The top teams are also all but unheard of for many outside of Scandinavia, but with a bit of research you can find the information needed to get the edge on the bookies who concentrate on the bigger leagues. And we can help as our live betting odds comparison service will save you time when seeking the best betting odds, which will also help you maximise your profits.

With action at both ends of the table, the Adeccoligaen is certainly full of thrills and spills right to the end of the season, and betting on it can only add to the excitement, so why not give it a go?

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