Sweden Superettan Betting Odds Comparison

Friday 18/10
3.303.662.19All Odds
Saturday 19/10
4.063.502.05All Odds
Saturday 19/10
3.503.472.17All Odds
Saturday 19/10
3.303.812.87All Odds
Sunday 20/10
2.473.403.10All Odds
Sunday 20/10
2.753.402.66All Odds
Tuesday 22/10
2.013.583.81All Odds

The Superettan is the second highest level of football in Sweden in the men’s professional hierarchy. The top tier, the Allsvenskan, may attract more attention from most media outlets and punters but the Superettan is well worth taking an interest in.

Perhaps its biggest appeal for those that like betting on football is the calendar it keeps. As with the Allsvenskan and other Scandinavian leagues, the Superettan provides great betting options during the summer when many other major leagues are in the off-season.

The Superettan, which translates as “The Super One”, features 16 sides and sits below the Allsvenskan and above Division 1 in the Swedish football pyramid. Naturally enough, Division 1 is the third division!

In its current guise and name the Superettan was created in 2000 but of course Sweden has a second tier for much longer than that. Each year the footballing and betting action in the Superettan takes place between April and October. This is brilliant, especially in years without a major tournament in the summer, as it gives us football fans more action to tide us over until August.

Each Superettan club plays their 15 rivals home and away in a standard league format, each playing 30 matches per season out of a total of 240 fixtures. As of 2017, the bottom two sides are automatically relegated, with the third and fourth from bottom going into a play-off with Division 1 sides. The top two gain automatic promotion to the top flight, with the third placed outfit facing a play-off against the side that finished third from bottom in Allsvenskan.

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