About us

Here at Odds1x2.com we provide a range of great betting services and tools totally free of charge. The core of our offering is odds comparison but we also offer easy access to sure bets for those that like to arb and Dutch their bets, as well as some great betting tips too. Whether you are a newcomer to online betting or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find something useful here. We work with the best betting sites around and with virtually all of them offering great bonuses or free bets to new customers, already you’re on your way to a profit.

Live Odds Comparison

We compare the odds from all of the best bookmakers in a huge range of sports and events. We cover around 30 sports, encompassing well over 1,500 leagues and far too many matches to count.
Our live odds comparison brings you the best odds no matter what you want to bet on. The odds comparison saves you the time and effort of manually checking bookies and means that when you do land a winner you can be confident you got the best odds and the biggest profits available.
This is probably the easiest way to maximise your betting value and the simplest step you can take to making a long-term profit from betting on your favourite sports and events.

Sure Bets

With so many bookies offering different odds on the same matches, there are times when you can actually guarantee a profit by betting on all possible outcomes. Odds change quickly and this, combined with bookmakers having slightly different opinions on events, means that each and every day throws up the chance to guarantee a profit.
Our Sure Bets page brings you all the biggest and best arbs and Sure Bets out there. We’ve even got a brilliant calculator that will tell you how much to bet on each selection to equalise your profit no matter which side wins!

Betting Tips

If you aren’t sure who to back or just want a second opinion, check out our betting tips. Our expert tipsters and statisticians have scoured the form and crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. On a whole range of the biggest games and events, from football to politics, tennis to reality TV and F1 to golf, we’ve got great value bets.
Our predictions and tips might not be right every time but we’re always seeking the value. Combine that with our odds comparison and great free bets and you have everything you need to start clearing a profit from your online bets.