Basketball Betting Odds Comparison - NBA Betting Tips

Here at, we are big fans of basketball, especially NBA which is the leading basketball competition in the world. We have therefore teamed up with several leading bookmakers to make sure that customers are able to get the best odds whenever they bet on this sport.

Basketball is a fantastic betting sport, both from a pre-event and In-Play perspective. The fact that basketball matches are high-scoring means that there are several betting markets geared up to cater for betting demand, with able to make sure you always get value when it comes to betting.

How to Get the Best Odds on Basketball

It can be difficult to know you’re getting the best odds when it comes to your basketball betting. In the past, the only way to check different basketball prices would be to visit each operator in turn and look for the odds which can be a time-consuming business.

However, have completely simplified the process. By obtaining the odds data feed from each bookmaker, they are able to provide an odds comparison table which means you can scan the different prices and look for the biggest odds every time you place a basketball bet.

Whether you are betting on the winner of a particular basketball match or whether you fancy betting on the handicap market, you are always able to make sure you get the best prices from a leading operator.

Which Are the Best Bookies For Basketball Betting?

We recommend that you consider having several betting accounts when it comes to betting on basketball. Most bookies offer a first-class betting service for basketball competitions such as the NBA and EuroLeague, with many operators aiming to try and appeal to potential customers with their prices.

Bet365 set the benchmark for basketball betting markets as they do with so many other sports. They are good starting point when it comes to getting competitive basketball prices, with this operator also offering a wide range of handicap and prop betting opportunities for this sport.

It’s also worth visiting operator sites such as William Hill and Ladbrokes to get competitive prices across several different basketball leagues. When you visit a bookmaker website, you will see a vast array of competitions including International basketball betting markets and EuroBasket.

What Basketball Betting Markets Are Available?

The Game Lines are the first port of call for many betting customers. Basketball Game Lines include the Spread, the Total and the Money Line. The Money Line is simply a case of backing a team to win a basketball match and this can sometimes be an uncompetitive market.

If the favourite is trading at very short odds on the Money Line and you don’t fancy the outsider, then it might be worth having a basketball bet on the Spread instead which is also known as the handicap.

This might typically have Team A +12.5 @ 1.90 against Team B -12.5 @ 1.90. So you have to either back Team A to lose by twelve points or less (they can also win) or whether to back Team B to win by thirteen points or more.

The aim of the Spread is to level the playing field and you can often find the Alternative Spread where you can get a bigger price about a team who are up against a tougher handicap.

The Total completely disregards the actual outcome of a basketball match and instead focuses on how many points will be scored in that actual game. It is usually a two-way market which means you can bet under or over a particular line depending on whether you have a view on whether it will be high-scoring or low-scoring.

How to Watch Live Basketball Streams

Many basketball fans like to watch live NBA streaming along with live basketball from a number of different leagues and the great news is that several online bookmakers offer customers the chance to watch basketball games through their betting account.

Providing that you have a funded account, there’s the opportunity to access live basketball streaming by simply visiting the Live Streaming or In-Play section of your favourite bookmaker. It’s brilliant to be able to place a bet on basketball and then watch the match to see whether you’ve won or not.

How to Place In-Play Bets on Basketball

Basketball is an excellent sport when it comes to In-Play betting, with many customers enjoying the chance to pit their wits against the bookmaker when the game goes live. The advantage of In-Play basketball betting is that you can watch a match first before deciding where to place your bet.

Being able to establish a pattern of play before you place a basketball bet could potentially give you more chance of backing winning selections and there are many In-Play betting markets to choose from when it comes to this sport.