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IRB World Sevens Series

1.3617.003.10All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

2.1019.003.00All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

1.0434.0011.00All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

1.1419.005.50All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

1.1221.006.00All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

1.1026.006.00All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

1.0526.009.00All Odds

IRB World Sevens Series

1.0334.0010.00All Odds

France - Pro D2

1.7626.002.15All Odds

England - Premiership

1.7326.002.38All Odds

Rugby union is a sport that is popular in several parts of the world. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it’s widely followed and the same applies to several European countries including France and Italy.

Rugby union is also massive when it comes to southern hemisphere countries like New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. There are rugby union events that take place throughout the year and that means betting opportunities across many leagues.

Here at, we’re proud to bring you the latest rugby union events so that you can peruse through the latest betting odds and try to find those valuable winners when you bet against the bookmaker.

Most Popular Rugby Union Betting Markets

As mentioned, there are many rugby union tournaments that are covered by online bookmakers throughout the calendar year, although the match markets remain largely the same. Punters love to bet on the outcome of various matches and there are accumulator options nearly always available.

The Handicap markets are often popular as the bookmaker effectively levels the playing field from a punting point-of-view. A team can be backed with a positive or negative points difference and it’s a case of trying to back a winner:

  • Game Betting 3-Way: betting customers simply bet on the outcome of a rugby union match. There is the chance to bet on Result or alternatively you can take a shot at the Handicap market which is great if there is a big difference between the odds of each team winning the match. You can often bet on the Points Total too, with this usually being a 2-Way market where you select Over/Under a certain amount.
  • Game Betting 2-Way: similar to the above but this takes away the draw from the betting and you therefore take one of the teams on the Handicap market. You might also find Winning Margin betting markets here where you can bet on a certain team to win with a certain points margin.
  • 1st Half Betting 3-Way: As the name suggests, this market focuses solely on the first half of a rugby union match although you can get 2nd Half Betting 3-Way when it reaches the interval of a match, with revised prices available.
  • Race to (Points): a popular rugby union bet involves backing a particular team to reach a certain number of points before their opponent. So the points total might be 10 and it’s a case of backing a team to reach 10 first, irrespective of whether they go on to win the match.

How to Bet on Rugby Union Online

There are several high-profile rugby union leagues that take place throughout the year. On a club level, customers can enjoy leading competitions such as Super Rugby, English Premiership and the Top 14 in France.

International rugby tournaments are also highly popular, with the Six Nations, the Tri Nations and the Rugby World Cup particularly busy when it comes to betting.

So the first step is to choose the rugby union competition that is about to take place. You can find this at and we recommend that you visit our rugby union section before going to an online bookmaker as you want to make sure you are getting the best possible price.

Let’s say you are looking to bet on the Six Nations matches. England might be playing Wales and you can visit the England v Wales match odds page at and effectively peruse the latest betting markets brought to you by a handful of trusted operators.

You can see the different prices that are available and there is often a disparity between the odds across the various operators. Clicking on the price that interests you will then allow you to go ahead and place your bet on the preferred selection.

How Can I Get the Best Rugby Union Odds?

Rugby union betting is available with several bookmakers and we work with selected operators by accessing their odds data feed. We are able to plug each odds feed into an online comparison website and that is what you see every time you visit

The bookmakers we work with are completely trusted and several of them have a welcome bonus available when you visit them for the first time. When you click on the odds on, you will be taken through to the bookmaker website where you can either log into your account or register for the first time.

We know that customers always want to get the best price as that means the biggest potential returns, with punters able to make more money from backing less winners when they always get the value.

Betting with just one bookie means having to accept the same prices and they’re not always the biggest odds available. Betting with multiple bookmakers means that you are getting closer to eliminating the house edge.

Claim Welcome Bonuses on Rugby Union

If you’ve never opened an online betting account, then it means you’re in the fortunate position of being able to enjoy several welcome bonuses when you open an online bookmaker account.

The welcome bonuses are usually available in the form of a deposit bonus so you will get a free bet based on the value of your first deposit. Alternatively, you might get a free bet after your first qualifying bet has been settled.

Either way, opening an account with new bookmakers is recommended as you not only qualify for welcome bonuses but also get the best possible prices for rugby union mates on a consistent basis.

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