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Although American Football is predominantly played in the United States, this sport attracts a worldwide audience, with millions of European football fans regularly catching the latest action from the NFL and watching the top teams compete in an attempt to win the Super Bowl.

The American Football season begins in September every year and culminates in the Super Bowl final in February, with customers enjoying the chance to bet on a daily or weekly basis when it comes to this wonderful sport.

Bookmakers create a first-class betting service when it comes to NFL and you can expect to enjoy tonnes of markets for each of the latest matches, while successfully aggregate the prices by working closely with each of the leading bookmakers and then creating a special odds comparison grid for each betting market.

How to Get the Biggest American Football Odds

In addition to NFL, those customers who are interested in American Football also get the chance to bet on leagues such as NCAAF, CFL and AFL. That means that you can bet on this sport throughout the calendar year when different competitions are taking place and we’ll bring you the latest and most competitive prices available.

For a particular American Football match, you have the option of clicking through to the match page and you can access the full hit of bookmakers and their corresponding prices. You can view the Percentage Payout which gives you a definite indication of the house edge that each operator are choosing to command.

It might be that you want to back the Miami Dolphins to win against Chicago Bears and you can get a best price 2.00 with bet365 that they oblige. However, the following day you might want to bet on the Oakland Raiders beating Philadelphia Eagles and find that Ladbrokes have the best odds of 1.90.

The whole objective when it comes to using is to make sure you are given the biggest possible prices. Over time, you might not need to back as many winners using this method in order to make a profit.

Should I Register With Several Bookmakers?

Many fans of American Football will look to hold several online betting accounts. The reason for this is that you get a variety of different prices across various operator websites, with the bookies often disagreeing about the lines and it’s therefore possible for customers to take advantage by selecting the price that most appeals to them.

It goes without saying that each bookmaker also offers a welcome bonus which is a great way to start enjoying your betting on American Football with that operator. There are often things like parlay bonuses for existing customers and it’s also helpful to compare the different In-Play betting services for this wonderful sport.

What American Football Markets Can I Bet On?

Many American Football punters like to simply bet on the outcome of a match which is known as the Money Line. It’s a two-way market, with one team in the match usually assuming the role of favourite and you can pick the side that you expect to come out on top.

However, a more popular market is the handicap one. This is where the team trading as favourite are given a negative points handicap and the outsider is given a positive points start. For example, you might have Atlanta Falcons +4.0 @ 1.90 and Minnesota Vikings -4.0 @ 1.90. If you think that Atlanta will either win or lose by three points or less, you would back them.

The other big American Football betting market is the Points Total where customers can either bet over or under a particular points amount. So the bookmaker might set the line at 47.5 and you decide whether the points total will be more or less that particular amount.

The above markets are usually regarded as Lines markets but customers also have the chance to enjoy Game Props and this includes several betting markets that relate to the match taking place. The Main Props are markets such as Winning Margin, Total Odd/Even, Double Result, Race to (Points), Highest Scoring Half, Highest Scoring Quarter and Game to Go to Overtime.

Most bookmakers will offer stacks of betting markets for each individual NFL game and you can expect them to go to town when it comes to the Super Bowl which is the most watched sporting event in the entire world.

How to Watch Live NFL Streaming

Some bookmakers not only offer customers the chance to bet on the NFL matches but also enjoy live streaming of the matches. It’s a simple case of logging into your betting account, making sure that there’s some money in the account and then accessing high quality live streaming of the action.

It’s great to be able to enjoy live streamed American Football without paying for a subscription and there’s also the chance to watch a wide range of other sports through your betting account. The live streaming service can be accessed through mobile, desktop and several other platforms.

How to Enjoy NFL In-Play Betting

Many customers like to bet on NFL matches when they are taking place. It’s not uncommon for a bookmaker to receive more NFL In-Play bets than they would take pre-match, with fans often waiting for the action to start before deciding which way to bet.

A typical NFL match lasts a couple of hours, so there are so many opportunities to bet, especially as the game is divided into four quarters, with customers often looking to bet on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

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