Ice Hockey Odds Comparison including NHL Betting Tips

Ice hockey is a very popular betting sport when it comes to selected countries, with the United States of America, Canada, Sweden, Russia and Germany among the regions who like to wager on this exciting sport.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is generally regarded as the leading ice hockey competition, with teams from the US and Canada competing to see which team will eventually win the Stanley Cup. The NHL season runs between October and June, with this tournament offering a wide range of betting opportunities on a week-to-week basis.

How to Land the Best Ice Hockey Odds

When it comes to securing the best possible ice hockey odds on competitions such as the NHL, we recommend that you use our odds comparison grids at We work with several leading bookmakers and access their odds data feeds so that we can present this to customers who are looking for the best prices.

It’s really easy to view the latest matches and odds at our website, with our team presenting you the biggest possible price when it comes to each team competing in the match. You can also find NHL Futures betting odds so you can get on the Stanley Cup winner along with some of the other short-term markets.

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How Many Ice Hockey Betting Accounts Should I Have?

Many bookmakers offer a comprehensive betting service when it comes to ice hockey, so which operators should you choose for this sport? will indicate which bookmakers will have the biggest prices for the competition in which you are interested and it naturally follows that you should bet with these operators if you want the biggest prices.

Many customers start off by registering with one bookmaker and placing their first ice hockey bet with this operator. You can claim a welcome bonus in the process when you make a first deposit or place a first bet. The bookie in question will then credit your account with a free wager.

Once you have one bookmaker account and understand the process of registering, you can then do the same with another bookmaker. The beauty of having more than one betting account for ice hockey online betting is that you therefore have more choice.

How Should I Bet on Ice Hockey?

Ice hockey offers a wide range of betting possibilities and the Futures markets allow customers to bet on things like the Stanley Cup winner, along with the winner of several other ice hockey competitions. There is often the chance to bet on NHL Futures as the season wears on and there can often be the opportunity to Cash Out on your NHL bet if you are in a profitable position.

However, the majority of customers actually prefer to bet on ice hockey when it comes to a match-by-match basis. This means that they will focus on a particular match and consider the various markets that are available. Naturally, people like to bet on the winner of an ice hockey match, although handicap odds can also be popular.

Handicap betting ultimately allows for customers to bet at more competitive prices than they might find with match betting. There is also the chance to bet on Over / Under Goals, while there are also prop bets where customers can bet on each quarter or half.

Live Ice Hockey Streaming Also Available

It’s always great when you get to watch a sport taking place if you’re planning on placing a bet and several bookmakers have live streaming in place that includes ice hockey in the schedule. It means that not only can you place pre-event and In-Play bets on ice hockey matches, you can also access high-quality live streaming of the games.

Live ice hockey streaming is great if you’re betting on the go, although live streaming is supported across a range of platforms. You often don’t even need to bet on an ice hockey match to qualify and it’s instead just a simple case of having a funded account.

In-Play Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport and an increasing number of betting customers enjoy logging into their betting account when the match has started and placing live In-Play bets on the game in question.

The advantage of In-Play betting is that you can take a view for how the game is unfolding before deciding which way to bet. Live betting markets are constantly available and you can see the odds changing every few seconds to reflect what is happening on the ice rink.

Many customers like to place bets on ice hockey In-Play and then look to secure some kind of Cash Out value if they’re in a good position with their puck bets.