Formula 1 Betting Odds Comparison and Tips

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World Championship

Lewis Hamilton1.57All Odds

World Championship

Mercedes1.36All Odds

GP Australia

Lewis Hamilton2.75All Odds

The Formula 1 World Championship is an annual motor racing competition which is generally regarded as the most prestigious in motor sport. Between March and December, we see twenty professional drivers compete all over the globe in a bid to be crowned world champion.

Each team has two different drivers, with Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport, Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow and Alfa Romeo Racing among the leading constructors, with the season generally starting with the Australian Grand Prix and going on from there.

Here at, we work with the leading bookmakers to make sure that betting customers can get the biggest possible Formula 1 odds. We access the operator feeds and then put them together in an odds comparison table so that you can compare the various prices and make sure you always land the value.

Most Popular Formula 1 Betting Markets

Formula 1 betting has never been more popular and we’ve presented the most popular betting markets when it comes to F1. We’ve also provided details of how each betting market works, with the betting odds differing between various operators.

  • To Win – this is simply a case of backing a driver to win a Grand Prix. Most bookmakers generally offer each-way betting and you might typically get place terms of 1/3 odds for the first two places.
  • Fastest Qualifier – similar to the “To Win” market, this is a case of backing the driver that you think will record the fastest qualifying time. Whoever you think will be on Pole Position is the driver to back here.
  • Podium Finish – only three drivers will be on the podium for finishing either first, second or third. Many bookmakers give you the chance to bet on “Yes” and “No” depending on whether you think each competitor will be on the podium.
  • Points Finish – this is generally a “Win Only” market where you can bet on a driver to be in the points for a particular Grand Prix. As you might expect, the favourites are often a short price for this market, although there can be value by going for one of the outsiders.
  • Fastest Lap – during a race, there will be a driver who ends up recording the fastest lap and it’s a simple case of picking who will be fastest during a Grand Prix. It’s not always the driver who ends up winning and you’ll often be surprised by the odds that are available.

Bet on the Formula 1 Outright Betting Markets

The sport of Formula 1 takes place through the year and customers can also bet on the winner of the F1 World Championship, with many fans enjoying the chance to bet on which driver will end up landing the title. Should this become uncompetitive and someone like Lewis Hamilton ends up storming clear at the top of the leaderboard, you might find a new betting market comes available such as “Betting w/o the Favourite”.

There is also an award at the end of the season for Winning Constructor and this is often the team who has the world champion. Once again, you can bet on the winning team and it’s always worth comparing the prices to make sure you land the biggest on a consistent basis.

The Formula One outright markets tend to change on a week-to-week basis and often give you an indication as to the likely winner of the overall championship. Should a driver perform well in the latest Grand Prix, you will find their odds will therefore shorten when it comes to the Drivers’ Championship.

Why Should I Compare F1 Prices?

You might want to back Lewis Hamilton to win a Formula 1 race. The Brit could be trading at 6/4 with Ladbrokes although bet365 have 2/1 available. It’s clear that 2/1 is significantly bigger than 6/4 and it makes complete sense to back the biggest price to make sure you get the largest possible return.

Now you could potentially visit the Formula 1 section at Ladbrokes and then the Formula 1 section at bet365 to make this discovery. Alternatively, there’s an easier route where you can visit and access the Formula 1 section where we have the odds available with each operator.

If you’re looking to bet on the latest Grand Prix, you will notice that bookmaker prices are different to each other. We look to highlight where the big prices lie so that you can simply pick out the odds that you like best and go and visit that operator.

If you are able to get a best price of even money and back these odds on ten occasions, you would only need to get five winners to break even and any further number of winners would result in an overall profit.

However, if you bet on odds of 10/11 ten times and get five winners, then you would actually end up down because your return with each bet is less than the actual stake that you have placed.

Bet In-Play on Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 is a sport that lends itself very well to In-Play betting. There are usually over 50 laps in a Grand Prix and that means that the action can take place over several hours, with the drivers lining up on the grid before the chequered flag is waved and the race starts in earnest.

If you’re watching a Grand Prix, then you can see the In-Play odds changing on a constant basis, with bookmakers allowing customers to bet on markets such as Race Winner and Points Finish.

It helps to know the race positions and also each race strategy, with drivers coming in for pit stops to either refuel or change their tyres before continuing the race.

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