Formula 1 Betting Odds Comparison and Tips

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World Championship

Lewis Hamilton1.05All Odds

World Championship

Mercedes1.00All Odds

GP Austria

Lewis Hamilton1.66All Odds

GP Austria

Mercedes1.25All Odds

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsports and its global, glamorous nature and high speed action make it one of the most popular sports in the world. If you want to have a bet on F1 then we’ve got everything you need right here to make a profit.

Our live betting odds comparison covers all the individual races of the season, as well as offering the outright markets for the Drivers and Constructors World Championships. Whether you want to bet on who will win the F1 crown, who will win the British Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix or any of the other races throughout the season, we’ve got you covered.

Our live odds comparison saves you time and makes you money and in our eyes that’s a winning combination! You can quickly and easily get the biggest and best betting odds for whatever F1 bet you want to place. Bigger odds means more profit and this is the only guaranteed way to improve your overall betting success.

When it comes to betting on Formula 1 there are a huge range of markets but just two are by far the most popular. Most F1 fans will have a bet or two on which driver will win the world title. This will usually be placed at or before the start of the season, although the market runs for the duration of the campaign. Obviously you can bet on who will take the Drivers Championship at any stage of the season.

If you think a team or driver is showing improvement or turning a technical corner and good things are to come, you may be able to get great value and big odds. Equally you may just want to have a look at the first few races of the season to see how things shape up, although if you then back a driver who has started well you may have missed out on their best odds.

The other main market in F1 betting is backing a driver to win a given race. As of the 2018 season there are 21 races in total. Things usually get underway in March, the first race of the season being in Australia in recent times, with the finale coming in late November.

Every Grand Prix is special but some are, shall we say, more special. The first race of the new season is always eagerly anticipated, as is the last, whilst the British Grand Prix, Monaco street race and the Singapore night race are also ones fans love.

There are usually one or two big favourites when it comes to both the main title and the individual Grands Prix. Major upsets in the former are highly unlikely but in the latter they are more frequent.

F1 is a fast, unpredictable world and during any single season there are anywhere between just two or three, and as many as 11, race winners. The men at the top of the betting will usually be sent off at odds close to evens, or even odds-on. However, the possibility of multiple crashes or mechanical failures mean that winners at odds of 10/1, 20/1 or even higher are far from unheard of.

When it comes to betting on F1 each way betting is also an option, both in the driver and constructor outrights and also for the race winners. You can also bet on things such as a podium finish, who will be on pole or who will record the fastest lap.

Betting on Formula 1 is a brilliant way to make an exciting and thrilling sport even more fun. Our odds comparison helps you get the best odds in an instant so why not back your F1 predictions in the next race?

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