Boxing Betting Odds Comparison

There’s no sport like boxing and many customers love to place bets on the next big fight that is taking place across one of the several weight divisions. It makes boxing more exciting and also offers punters the chance to make money from their knowledge of the sport.

Here at Odds1X2, we give you the biggest possible chance of making money from boxing due to our helpful odds comparison tools. We have access to the odds feeds of many different bookmakers and can therefore illustrate where the best value is when it comes to this brilliant sport.

How to Get the Biggest Boxing Betting Odds

Our site makes it really simple to access the best boxing prices on a regular basis. The first step is to visit the boxing section of the website and pick out the fight that you want to bet on.

Once you have chosen the boxing match, you can then compare the latest odds across several bookmaker websites. You will find that each bookie has a different view when it comes to a fight and that they will offer various odds based on their prediction.

For example, you might bet 2/1 about a boxer winning with Bookmaker A but odds of 5/2 with Bookmaker B. Naturally, customers should ideally go for Bookmaker B should they want to place a bet on the boxer in question.

By consistently getting the biggest odds on boxing, you are getting something known as “betting value”. It doesn’t guarantee you a return on any bet or a profit over the long-term but it does mean that you stand a better chance of enjoying returns on your bet than simply by betting with one bookmaker only.

How Much Can I Bet with Each Bookmaker?

Every bookmaker will differ in terms of the maximum stake allowed for a particular bet. One bookie might offer you £100 on a particular boxing match, while another might restrict a customer to £50.

It’s also possible that an operator might restrict your stake size should you win on your bets over a certain period of time. It’s important to remember that bookmakers don’t really want customers to win and, while they clearly honour any bets placed, they do reserve the right to stop accepting bets.

However, most bookmakers will continue to accept decent-sized bets on boxing and we only work with the best operators in the business. Most customers are able to bet on the boxing matches with the stake size they want and enjoy a return on their funds should the selection win.

Can I Trust a Bookmaker for Boxing Betting?

Yes, every bookmaker featured on Odds1X2 is a respectable operator. It means that we work closely with this bookie and trust them when it comes to the prices offered and the overall level of service.

It’s important to know you are betting with a trusted and reliable operator who is fair when it comes to placing bets and settling them. We also only choose bookmakers who offer a wide range of deposit methods and ones that settle bets within a short space of time after the event has finished.

We also display the Payout Percentage for each bookmaker when it comes to boxing and other sports. This indicates how competitive an operator is for this particular market and it gives you a solid understanding of which bookmaker trading teams are the ones worth choosing.

How Can I Win on Boxing Bets?

There are a number of different boxing bets that can be placed when there’s a big fight. Sometimes there might be a boxer trading at very short odds to win a fight and it’s therefore barely worth having a bet at the prices just to get a modest return.

However, there are several other boxing bets that can be had. It might be that you can place a multiple bet on the boxing card for that particular night. It means that you have several selections as part of an accumulator and you will get a bigger return from your stake if they all come in.

Secondly, there are also alternative markets to the match winner one. You might be able to bet on which round a particular fighter will win in. Sometimes the rounds are grouped so that you can select something like Rounds 1-3 or Rounds 4-6.

You can also bet In-Play on the big boxing matches and that means waiting for the action to start and then betting on the fight according to how you see it.

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