TV and Entertainment Betting Odds Comparison

Eurovision Song Contest Outrights
FavoriteBest Odds
Sweden11.00All Odds
Strictly Come Dancing Outrights
FavoriteBest Odds
Bradley Simpson9.00All Odds
Oscars - Academy Awards Outrights
FavoriteBest Odds
Tom Hanks3.60All Odds
Margot Robbie4.00All Odds
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood4.50All Odds
BBC Sports Personality of The Year Outrights
FavoriteBest Odds
Raheem Sterling4.50All Odds
Mercury Music Prize Outrights
FavoriteBest Odds
Dave4.00All Odds
Love Island Outrights
FavoriteBest Odds
Michael Griffiths2.10All Odds
Amber Gill2.10All Odds

Betting has always been an activity that can be applied to almost any arena. People have bet on the outcomes of boxing matches and horse races for hundreds and even thousands of years.

In the modern world there are more betting possibilities than ever before and one of the most popular new betting options is betting on TV shows. Programmes such as the X Factor, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice attract millions of viewers and many people love to ramp up the excitement further by betting on them.

Such betting opportunities join more traditional specials markets such as the Eurovision Song Contest, political betting, betting on awards such as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year contest or the Oscars and people even bet on the weather.

Whilst most bets are still placed on sports, TV betting has opened a whole new world of betting options and brought the wonderful thrill of gambling to a whole new audience.

Whether you want to have a bet on your favourite TV programme to make it even more enjoyable or to try and use your expert knowledge to make a profit, we can help you out. Meanwhile, for those who are forced by friends, partners or children into watching such shows, a bet might be just the tonic to make the whole experience that bit more bearable!

We present the live betting odds on a wide range of television programmes, including all the massive blockbuster UK shows already mentioned as well as one or two others. Betting on TV programmes is now an almost 365-day event, with I’m a Celebrity, The Voice and Big Brother (celebrity and normal) covering the earlier months of the year before the X Factor and Strictly see us through the latter part of the year.

With Sports Personality being televised in mid to late December and the film and TV awards season running from January to February, you really won’t ever be short of something brilliant to bet on in this sphere.

Betting on TV and related events is probably simpler than betting on football and other better established betting sports. Whilst a top UK football match may have over 200 different betting markets and more odds than Rihanna’s had top 10 hits, when it comes to TV betting there are just a handful of key markets.

By far the most popular bets are for the outright winner of any given show or award. This is where the vast majority of the money in these markets goes. This gives you the great chance to hedge your bets by backing a contestant you don’t like or double up your joy by betting on your favourite.

From time to time we’ll have betting tips, analysis and previews of the major TV programmes and these will help you pick the winners. Betting on TV events is very unpredictable though and things can change very quickly.

However, our live odds comparison will always bring you the best odds for all the key markets and programmes, ensuring you get the best value and the biggest betting odds whoever you want to bet on.

You can bet on the outright winner of a given programme at any time. Betting tends to peak early on in the show when the main contestants are known and also as the final draws closer.

Of course, it isn’t only about betting on who you think will win. Betting on the latest elimination is also hugely popular, as is backing a participant to make the final.

With loads of specials too, you won’t get bored betting on TV so why not give it a try today and back your judgement and expertise? It could be a profitable move, especially with our odds comparison helping you find the best possible odds!

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