Cricket Betting Odds Comparison including the Ashes Series

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Cricket is hugely popular in several countries dotted all around the world, with customers enjoying the chance to bet pre-match and In-Play on a sport which has several different formats including Test cricket, ODI cricket and Twenty20 cricket.

Here at, we’re delighted to provide a wide range of cricket betting opportunities, with customers able to check out the latest odds when it comes to matches between countries and counties. There are often different odds available with each bookmaker, so it pays to shop around.

How to Get the Biggest Cricket Prices

Cricket can be an intriguing and an exciting sport, with customers keen to find a betting angle on the latest match taking place. The great news is that work with several different bookmakers to make sure that customers are given plenty of choice before placing a bet.

As mentioned, each bookie has a trading department who decide what the odds should be for each cricket match. Each bookmaker will have a different view of what’s going to happen and customers can use these price differentials to place a bet at the biggest possible price.

Typical cricket bets include Match Winner, Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Over / Under Runs, Method of Next Wicket and Man of the Match. The 1X2 betting odds for cricket are the most popular and the draw is especially pertinent when it comes to Test Match cricket considering that it’s easy for a match to end all square.

Cricket odds can quickly change for a particular match, especially when a couple of quick wickets fall, with punters able to take advantage of kneejerk reactions from the bookmakers, with the odds changing on a frequent basis.

How Does the Cricket Comparison Work?

On this cricket page, you’ll see a list of the latest cricket matches that will be taking place over the next few days. At a glance, we showcase the biggest odds available for each team on the 1X2 market and the corresponding bookmaker which instantly provides you with value on these selections.

When you click on “All Odds”, you can then view the latest betting odds for each available bookmaker, while we also outline the Payout percentage to indicate whether this betting market is offering you tight margins. The closer to 100% indicates that the bookmaker is getting a smaller edge over the customer.

Should I Trust the Bookmakers on Odds1X2?

Every bookmaker that we feature on is a well-known operator who have decades of experience in the betting industry. They have been carefully selected and will not only offer each customer a decent price about their selection, they will generally allow you to bet any amount on the selection in question.

We only work with fair and trusted operators, with selecting a small handful of bookies and gaining access to their odds data feeds. That means we can compare the latest cricket match prices and we recommend that you open several betting accounts to take advantage of the difference in odds.

What Amounts Can Be Wagered on a Cricket Match?

You are unlikely to be limited in terms of how much you can place on a cricket match, especially on the main markets such as Match Winner and Number of Runs. Bookmakers generally have sophisticated trading software to create the odds and they will also manage their liabilities by changing the odds accordingly.

It is common for a bookmaker to have a maximum stake for any market and this is significantly lower for a niche market, although the majority of customers are able to bet the stakes that they want without any problems.

Can I Place Cricket Accumulators?

Cricket is a brilliant sport when it comes to accumulator bets. Customers can attempt to pick out the winner for several different matches and the put them in a multiple, giving them the chance to enjoy a large return from a small stake placed.

For example, you might be betting on the Cricket World Cup and have England, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand to win their respective matches. Selecting one of these sides for a single bet would see just a meagre return, although putting them in an acca means that a combined payout would be significantly larger.