Motorbike Betting Odds Comparison - Moto GP

Many people like betting on motorsports, with Formula 1 one of the leading aspects of this although many betting customers also like to enjoy a bet on professional motorbike racing.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is effectively the top class of motorbike racing and they are split into different divisions. MotoGP class is the leading competition and there are nineteen races that take place during the season, with customers able to bet on the winner of each race.

Some bookmakers might offer betting markets such as Pole Position, Fastest Lap and Winning Team, although these markets only tend to appear sporadically.

Most Popular Motorbikes Betting Markets

Leading bookmakers take motorbike racing seriously and will offer a comprehensive range of betting markets when it comes to this sport.

Here are a selection of the most popular betting markets when it comes to betting on motorbike racing:

  • MotoGP – To Win Outright: When a MotoGP is about to take place, there is the opportunity to bet on the latest event, with bookmakers such as bet365 pricing up a market where customers simply back the rider they think will win. You can also place each-way bets if you think a motorcyclist has a good chance of finishing in the first three places.
  • MotoGP World Championship: There is also the chance to bet on the World Championship throughout the season, with the title up for grabs and several bookmakers regularly update their odds over the campaign.
  • Moto2 World Championship: As with the MotoGP, this is the chance to bet on the winner of the Moto2 World Championship. A betting market is created at the start of the season and then the odds update after each race.
  • Moto3 World Championship: Once again, we have a chance to bet on the World Championship for Moto3 and it’s great if you follow this competition.
  • World Superbikes Championship: Many people like to bet on Superbikes and there’s no event bigger than the World Superbikes Championship, with an outright market available with several leading operators.
  • British Superbikes Championship: The British Superbikes Championship is a popular motorbike event and you can bet regularly on the winner until a particular player gets well clear of the pack.

How to Get the Best Motorbike Racing Odds

The good news is that several online betting companies now offer markets and odds when it comes to motorbike racing. No longer do MotoGP and Superbikes fans have to go hunting for online prices in the hope that a bookie might have a betting market available.Every bookmaker worth their salt should now have betting markets available for motorbike racing throughout the course of the season. That is great news for punters as they have more choice than ever before and don’t have to settle for poor odds when it comes to betting on this sport.

At, we work with several leading bookmakers to make sure our readers get the best possible prices. We form partnerships with the bookies and access the odds data feeds and bring together the prices in an odds comparison table so that they can easily be seen.

So if you want to bet on the winner of the latest MotoGP race, then we advise you visit and access the odds comparison. You can then pick out the biggest odds on a consistent basis and hopefully get some value for your money even if it doesn’t mean a guaranteed winner.

Why Should I Compare Motorbikes Prices?

We provide cutting-edge technology so that you can enjoy a first-class odds comparison betting service. We highlight where the biggest prices are available with each bookmaker and that should instruct you where to go for your latest bet.

We also showcase something called the “Percentage Payout” with each bookmaker when it comes to a particular betting market. The close that the Percentage Payout is to 100% means that the smaller the bookmaker edge that exists and it would therefore make sense to visit these operators.

By enjoying a transparent betting service when it comes to motorbikes and plenty of other sports, it simply helps you to become a better punter.

Claim Welcome Bonuses When Betting on Motorbikes

Motorbike racing is a fantastic sport for betting and our odds comparison grids might showcase several bookmakers where you don’t have an account. This is great news as it not only helps to have several betting accounts for motorbike betting but also means you can claim welcome bonuses when you sign up.

Let’s say you’ve never opened a bet365 account before but like their odds for a particular motorbike event. The great news is that you can visit the operator and claim a potential welcome bonus when you sign up, along with getting that value price that you found on Odds1x2.xom.

The welcome bonuses that bookmakers offer are generally available in the form of a deposit bonus, so you get credited with free bets after you have made a first deposit. This is a great way of getting started with a betting operator and also means you can use your free bets for motorbike racing.

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