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The Women's National Basketball Association is the female equivalent of the NBA (the clue is in the name!). It is the top level of basketball in North America for women and the first WNBA games were played in 1997.

Outside North America it isn’t a huge league with real global, mass appeal. Within its home continent however the WNBA receives a great deal of both media and public attention and is widely televised, with matches boasting strong attendances.

Betting on the WNBA is, however, of course, far easier from the UK, Europe and many other countries. It’s pretty easy to watch games on TV or via live streams and for basketball lovers the WNBA is a great extra source of action and brings even more basketball betting opportunities.

The season is relatively short compared to other sports, with the regular campaign lasting from June to September. The Playoffs and Finals then extend that into October with the exciting All-Star game taking place mid-season, in July.

There are currently 12 teams in the WNBA, with some of those directly linked with NBA sides and using the same arenas and facilities. There is an Eastern and Western Conference, each with six teams. The league originally began with just eight sides and further expansion is often mooted. Only four of the current WNBA sides have been there from the beginning and a total of 18 different franchises have existed over the years.

There are 34 regular season games, with each team playing each other home and away at least once. Sides play rivals from within their own Conference four, or more usually three, times.

With so many games throughout the regular season plus the extra exhibition game and the crucial Playoffs and Finals, there are loads of matches on which to bet. If you intend to have a punt on the WNBA, be sure to check out our live odds comparison.

We compare odds on the WNBA (in fact, on virtually any sport you care to name) from all the best bookies. Whether you want to bet on one of the many games or on who will be crowned the outright WNBA winner, our odds comparison brings you the best betting odds with the least fuss.

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