Bandy Betting Odds Comparison

Top Matches Odds

Russia - Vysshaya Liga

1.0318.5021.75All Odds

Norway - Eliteserien

12.0013.501.11All Odds

Norway - Eliteserien

2.756.551.80All Odds

Sweden - Elitserien

3.807.501.56All Odds

Sweden - Elitserien

1.507.503.60All Odds

Sweden - Elitserien

1.438.005.00All Odds

Sweden - Elitserien

11.2512.251.13All Odds

Sweden - Elitserien

4.207.751.52All Odds

Sweden - Elitserien

27.0023.001.01All Odds

Norway - Eliteserien

4.508.501.30All Odds

Bandy is a sport which is similar to ice hockey and it’s played in countries where the temperature tends to be cold. In addition to having parallels with ice hockey, bandy also takes its rules from the football field, with eleven players on a full-length pitch and a small orange ball is used as opposed to a puck.

How to Bet on Bandy

Many online bookmakers are offering customers the chance to bet on bandy on a regular basis, with a typical bookie providing three different betting markets when it comes to a game.

You can bet on either team to win along with the tie option which is a three-way market, while there is also the Handicap market which is favoured by many punters. For example, you can back a team off -5.5 or 5.5 so this tends to be a two-way market.

There is also the Total line which is available where you essentially bet over or under a certain number of goals being scored.

Bet on the Swedish Elitserien

The Swedish Elitserien tends to be the leading bandy competition in the world, with AIK, Hammarby and Vasteras among the teams who participate in this tournament.

You can place accumulator bets on this bandy league and that means you can enjoy a combination of different teams as part of your wager.

There are fourteen teams who form part of the Swedish Elitserien, with Villa Lidköping BK one of the most successful sides in the past few years.

Sandvikens AIK are another side who are highly competitive in this league and their matches are popular to bet on.

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