Floorball Odds Comparison

Top Matches Odds

Sweden - Super Damer

4.758.001.35All Odds

Sweden - Superligan

1.1112.0011.00All Odds

Sweden - Super Damer

3.406.851.54All Odds

Sweden - Allsvenskan Norra

3.507.001.50All Odds

Sweden - Allsvenskan Södra Odds

Sweden - Allsvenskan Norra

1.408.004.00All Odds

Sweden - Superligan Odds

Finland - Salibandyliiga

12.0013.001.09All Odds

Finland - Salibandyliiga

   All Odds

Finland - Salibandyliiga

   All Odds

Floorball is a niche sport which is popular in countries like Sweden along with other Scandinavian and Nordic countries. It is essentially a type of floor hockey which has five players and a goalkeeper in each team.

Each match comprises of three period and each period last 20 minutes, with the sport included in the World Games for the first time in 2017 and floorball continues to grow.

The game has its origins from being founded in Sweden. The Floorball World Championships is the ultimate tournament, while the Swedish Super League is available for men and women’s floorball.

How to Bet on Floorball

There are several ways in which you can bet on floorball. Firstly, there is a Handicap betting market, with Team A typically available at -0.5 at odds of 8/11, while Team B could be +0.5 at even money.

Naturally, you can also bet on the 2-way market to determine which side wins the game, with the match always decided in favour of one team or another. However, there is a Money Line market which also includes the draw.

You can also bet on the Total Points, with the bookmaker setting the line according to roughly how many points they think will be scored.

There is also the opportunity to choose the Double Chance market where you can side with two selections out of the three, while you can bet on the 3-way market for the first period of the match.

Bet on Swedish Super League Floorball

The Super League has been in operation since 1995 and there are fourteen teams that form part of this competition. Storvreta IBK and IBF Falun are the most successful teams in recent history and these sides won the competition exclusively between 2010-2019.

The regular season involves each team playing 26 matches, with the sides playing home and away against every other side. There is also a spring play-off that takes place that features the eight leading teams during each season.

How to Get the Best Floorball Odds

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By getting the best floorball prices available, you can stand the chance to make more money over time.