Copa Libertadores Betting Odds Comparison

Thursday 02/05
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The Copa Libertadores is South America’s version of the Champions League and betting on it helps add a little bit of extra interest to what is already an exciting competition. With our betting odds comparison service you can make it even more interesting, even more exciting and even more profitable by getting the very best betting odds and thus making the most money possible on all of your bets.

The Copa Libertadores (or Copa Libertadores de America to give it its full title) was first held in 1960 and has had many changes of format. However, since 2000 it has regularly featured Mexican sides as well as those from South America and with 38 teams competing and the event watched on TV in around 140 countries it is clearly a huge competition that generates massive interest.

The bookmakers have stood up and taken note and there is a wide range of markets and bets available on the competition. We compare the odds from the top bookmakers across all of these so whether you want to bet on Brazilian giants like Fluminense, Corinthians or Gremio, or Argentine kings Boca Juniors or River Plate, we’ve got all the latest betting odds right here.

The Copa Libertadores runs from around February with the final taking place in the Northern hemisphere summer, usually in July. We’ll have odds for all the matches on route to the final showdown, as well as those for the overall winner so place your bets now!

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