Champions Hockey League Betting Odds – Continental Ice Hockey Extravaganza!


The Champions Hockey League was only launched in the 2014-15 season having enjoyed one ill-fated year of competition in 2008-2009. Since its relaunch it really has gone from strength to strength and for fans of ice hockey this is a major boon.

With a format that is effectively a mirror of football’s Champions League, there are 48 teams competing in the 2016-17 season, but this will be reduced to 32 teams in the 2017-18 campaign. 24 teams will come from the six countries which started it all: Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Whilst the NHL dominates the ice hockey and ice hockey betting worlds globally, the Champions Hockey League provides another competition that is high on quality and even higher on thrills. Running from August to February the Champions Hockey League provides a plethora of hockey betting opportunities for six months of the year.

Given the NHL season runs from October until mid-June, ice hockey betting aficionados have two amazing competitions to bet on for almost the entire year!

Our live odds comparison for the Champions Hockey League covers both individual games and the main outright market for the overall winner. That means that whether you’re betting on games every week or want to have an early (or even late) punt on who will grab the title, we’ve got you covered.

Our odds comparison enables you to get the biggest and best odds on all your Champions Hockey League bets without having to visit each betting site in turn. That saves you time and means that when your bets come in you can be sure you won the most cash possible. More time, more money, more fun – what more could you want?

As well as odds comparison, we will also be providing betting tips, predictions and analysis from time to time to help you choose your bets. Ice hockey betting remains a relatively niche market in many countries and if you’re a real expert there is every chance you can grab some great value and stay ahead of the bookies.

Of course, if you’re a little bit newer to betting on this fast and frenetic sport, our tips are perfect to help you along the way. As with many sports, the most popular market on which to bet is simply backing who will win.

Again, in common with many sports, when it comes to betting on the Champions Hockey League there are two main options within this realm. You can either bet on a given side to win a single match, or you can bet on them to win the competition outright, which pays out at the end of the season.

There are loads of other great markets for hockey fans to get stuck into, however, these two are far and away the most popular markets. They can combine to give you a regular interest every week, as well as great value for the whole season, with just one bet on who will the Champions Hockey League keeping you interested – hopefully – for the entire campaign.

As you become more familiar with betting on ice hockey and the Champions Hockey League you may want to bet on more unusual markets. As these are less common you may uncover some real betting value if your research and insight outstrips that of the oddsmakers themselves.

Markets such as the handicap (usually referred to as points spread in “US” sports), total points, correct score and period betting are all pretty mainstream. That said, many of the best ice hockey betting sites around also offer a wide range of more unusual, semi-novelty bets.

With so many different markets, action for six months of the year and quick, easy access to the best odds, as well as tips and predictions, betting on ice hockey has never been so popular!

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