US Elections Next President Winner Odds Comparison - Politics

Donald Trump2.102.1022.102.102.20
Joe Biden5.505.505.5065.506
Bernie Sanders8.501087107.50
Kamala Harris13131281312
Pete Buttigieg211715121713
Beto O'Rourke262626152621
Elizabeth Warren262123212129
Andrew Yang262623212623
Tulsi Gabbard516781346771
Cory Booker676781346767
Amy Klobuchar6767101346767
James Comey---76--
Stacey Abrams81-----
Mike Pence81101676710181
Nikki Haley1011018167101101
Sherrod Brown--101---
Mike Huckabee--101---
Neil deGrasse Tyson---101--
Michelle Obama12610110151101126
Kirsten Gillibrand10110115156101101
John Hickenlooper15110115134101126
Hillary Clinton101101151-101101
Michael Bloomberg101-151101-101
Dwayne Johnson151101101151101101
Julian Castro10115115141151151
Marshall Mathers---126--
Ben Shapiro151--101-126
William McRaven201--34-151
Howard Schultz101101151176101151
Mitt Romney10120181101201101
Ray Dalio-151-101151-
Ivanka Trump201101151101101151
John Kasich101201101101201101
Martin O´Malley--151126--
Eric Garcetti--20181--
Oprah Winfrey12620112651201151
Andrew Cuomo151-201126-101
Angelina Jolie201--101--
Caroline Kennedy---151--
Chris Murphy151201101101201151
George Prescott Bush151-----
James Dimon--151---
Joe Rogan151-----
Jared Kushner---151--
Rick Scott151-----
Tammy Baldwin151-----
Marty Walsh-201101101201-
Mike Flynn151-----
Nancy Pelosi201101201101101201
John Cena151-----
Marco Rubio151201151101201101
Mark Cuban201-126101-176
Tammy Duckworth126201151101201151
Paul Ryan151201151126201101
John Kerry151151--151176
Deval Patrick--25167--
Jamie Dimon201--101-176
Rufus Gifford151201151101201151
Tim Scott101201151-201151
Andrew Gillum151-201151-151
Al Gore151----176
Charlie Baker151201126-201151
Jay Inslee151201-126201151
Steve Bullock151201126-201151
Terry McAuliffe151201151151201151
Tom Steyer-201-101201-
John Delaney151201151126201176
Michael Bennet-201-101201-
Greg Abbott-201101-201-
Eric Swalwell126201--201151
Bill de Blasio15120181201201201
Joe Kennedy III15120125141201201
Al Franken--201151--
Ben Sasse151201151-201176
Carly Fiorina201-151--176
Michael Avenatti-201201101201-
Philip Murphy---176--
Sally Yates-20125181201-
Ted Cruz201201201101201201
Marianne Williamson-201-151201-
Chris Christie151-201--201
Bob Iger201--151-201
Jeb Bush201201151176201201
Jeff Flake201201151176201201
James Mattis-201151201201-
Leonardo DiCaprio251-201101-201
Tom Cotton151201201-201201
Scott Walker151201201-201201
Trey Gowdy151201251151201201
Tim Kaine151201251201201151
Gavin Newsom151201251176201201
Jared Kushnar-201--201-
Evan McMullin201201201201201201
Gregg Popovich-201--201-
H.R. McMaster201-----
Jeff Merkley-201--201-
Jerry Brown-201--201-
Jesse Ventura-201--201-
Jay Nixon-201--201-
Joe Scarborough-201--201-
Bill Kristol-201--201-
Andrew Basiago201-----
Ben Carson--201---
Condoleeza Rice---201--
Chelsea Clinton201-201201-201
Catherine Cortez Masto-201251151201-
Ellen DeGeneres201-----
Doug Ducey-201--201-
Tim Ryan151201251-201201
Tom Brady251--151--
Tim Cook201-----
Steve Bannon251201201101201251
Seth Moulton151201251-201201
Sarah Palin201201201-201201
Rob Portman151201251-201201
Rahm Emmanuel-201--201-
Richard Ojeda---201--
Rick Perry-201201-201-
Martin Heinrich201-----
Mike Lee-201--201-
Keith Ellison201201--201201
Jon Favreau201-----
Jon Stewart-201201-201-
Will Smith--201---
Rand Paul201201251201201201
George Clooney151201251251201201
Jason Kander-201251-201-
Mark Zuckerberg251201151301201226
Kanye West251201251201201251
Gary Johnson--251201--
Mitch Landrieu-201-301201-
LeBron James251-----
Robert Iger--251---
Sarah Huckabee Sanders251-----
Dick Cheney251-----
Cynthia Nixon251-----
Alex Jones251-----
Jill Stein--251301--
Vince McMahon---301--
John McAfee251501201201501251
Oscar de la Hoya-501-401501-
Stormy Daniels-501-501501-
Kevin Spacey---501--
Kim Kardashian---501--
Amanda Abbington---501--

The race for the White House in the upcoming 2016 presidential elections is perhaps the most heated for a generation, and perhaps also the most crucial. In the Democrats’ corner we have Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, former Secretary of State, and someone who clearly knows what she’s doing. For the Republicans, we have a loud-mouthed, misogynistic, seemingly racist buffoon who clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. That there is even a shadow of doubt about who will win this contest says a lot about the American public!

Of course, despite many, many people around the world feeling rather nauseous about the prospect of President Trump taking control of this great superpower’s substantial nuclear arsenal, it is for the American public to decide what happens next.

If the odds are to be believed, Hillary should get the victory that so many non-Americans are hoping (and praying) for. But politics have been somewhat strange of late, and it would be dangerous to write Trump off just yet, despite his rather amateurish, arrogant and downright stupid performance in the first of the TV debates against his rival recently. The odds have fluctuated in recent weeks, but keep abreast of them with ease with our odds comparison table, ensuring you get the best price whoever you back.

When Clinton tried to suggest Trump wouldn’t publish his tax returns (something that almost all presidential candidates have done in the past) because he was hiding something, the Republican looked unmoved. But when she suggested that what he was hiding was the fact that he, “doesn't want the American people to know he has paid nothing in federal income taxes," Trump simply responded, "That makes me smart." Amongst the very many less-than-smart things the bouffant-haired businessman has uttered during his bid for the White House, this has to be up there with one of the least likely to strike a chord with the wider electorate.

As things stand, after the first TV debate, Clinton is the odds-on favourite (as she has been from the start of the contest), priced at best betting odds of 4/9 with Sportingbet. Trump, meanwhile, has drifted slightly to 2/1 with 10bet and others, and if he keeps performing with the arrogance and seeming disregard for reason as he has been, we can only see those odds drifting further.

Of course, building a massive wall to keep out the Mexicans, taking control of Iraq’s oil fields and slashing corporation tax by 20% are policies that do hold water with quite a lot of people in the USA. And as with George W. Bush’s victory over Al Gore in 2000, it is true that you can become President without actually winning the greatest number of votes as long as you carry enough states.

Realistically, though, as Clinton and Trump clash again it SHOULD become apparent to the vast majority of US voters that one candidate is smart, measured, experienced, and liable to avoid any world wars; while the other, frankly, is a chump. As such we simply have to predict that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States of America and that Donald Trump somehow disappears from public life, taking with him his outdated views about women and immigrants.

Of course, anything can happen in politics, but short of Clinton’s health becoming a major issue in the coming weeks, our betting tip is simply to pile on the Democrat to get the victory (and to cross your fingers and toes!).

The next President of the USA won’t be decided until November 2016 but the elongated election process means we predict the race to become the 58th President of America will dominate much of the news over the next 12 months or so. The two main parties are yet to even decide who their candidates will be, although the betting odds indicate that the bookies expect Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to get the nod. We take a closer look at the most expensive and exciting battle in global politics and offer up our US election predictions and betting tips, as well as providing you the best odds available via our live betting odds comparison.

Our live odds comparison helps you find the best odds from all the top bookies, so whether you want to bet on who will become the next President of the US, who will be the Republican candidate or even non-political events such as reality TV or sport, we’ve got it covered. Our brilliant odds comparison means you can always get the maximum value with the minimum effort, so be sure to check out the best odds before you place your bets.

Back to the race to the White House and, as said, the Democrats and Republicans are yet to decide on their candidates but already the betting on who will be the President is hotting up. In terms of the nomination betting, Hillary Clinton is currently priced at odds of just 4/9 with William Hill to gain her party’s nomination. There are no dead certs when it comes to betting but Clinton looks pretty darn close to being one and should be able to avoid any major scandals between now and deadline day and thus become the next Democratic Presidential candidate.

The odds for the Republican candidacy have been a little more volatile over the past few months, and whilst Jeb Bush has generally been at the top of the market, Donald Trump has been pushing him close at times whilst more recently Marco Rubio has challenged as controversy and bad press have hit Trump’s campaign. Bush is priced at 9/4, Rubio at 3/1 and Trump has now drifted to 7/1, with Carly Fiorina (10/1) and Ben Carson (14/1) not yet totally out of things.

That said, we, like most other political pundits, predict the 2016 Presidential battle will come down to Clinton and Bush, names with huge meaning and resonance on the US political landscape. The media and public would relish a battle between Hillary, wife of the hugely popular former President Bill and Jeb, second son of former President George H. W. Bush and brother of George W. Bush, who was President prior to the current incumbent Barrack Obama.

Some have argued that the US culture of freedom and democracy might not like the idea of another Clinton or Bush coming to power, given that those two families held the top job between 1989 and 2009. If either of the current challengers were to win the Presidential election, some have argued that this would give too much of an oligarchical feel to US politics and so there are those within both parties who feel an alternative candidate would be better.

That said, Clinton and Bush remain strong favourites and as long as they maintain a solid campaign and don’t make any terrible or controversial errors it’s hard to see either of them losing out.

Clinton is the clear favourite in terms of who will be the next President of America, priced at betting odds of 6/4 with William Hill, whilst Bush is priced at 5/1 with Bet365 and Joe Biden, the current Vice President, is offered at odds of 8/1 with Ladbrokes, with Bet365 pricing Rubio up at those same odds.

US politics is very much about personalities and TV appeal and Clinton has the edge here, not least because her husband was one of the most popular Presidents of recent times.

Moreover, having elected their first black President in Obama, many feel there is a feeling within the States that having a first woman President would also be desirable.

We predict that they will get their wish too, with the Democrats set to buck recent trends and hold onto the Presidency despite a change in candidate and as such Hilary Clinton is our betting tip to be the next President of the USA.