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The Mexican Primera is the general name given to the top tier of football in Mexico and it is ranked as the best league in North America and one of the best in the Americas as a whole, reflective of the FIFA world ranking of 14 that the national side averages.

,p>Also known as the Liga MX, the Primera is further complicated by the fact that, as with many leagues in Latin America, it actually includes two “league titles”, the Apertura and the Clausura, or the “opening” and “closing”.

There are various playoffs and mathematical calculations in deciding who is crowned both the winner of the two main tournaments and also who is relegated to the second tier of Mexican football, the Ascenso MX. Relegation is actually decided by a team’s performance over the past three seasons, therefore a total of six “tournaments” (three Apertura and three Clausura).

Whilst this can all look and sound a little complex to newcomers to Mexican football and the Primera, it all becomes fairly obvious once you start watching. And watching is something we strongly recommend because Mexican football and the Liga MX offer superb entertainment. The league offers a great blend of technical ability and huge commitment, whilst the fans are among the most passionate in the world and the pace of the game is a little quicker than in some South American leagues.

All of these factors combine to make for exciting football and with more and more Primera action available to bet on, with all the top betting sites offering odds for all matches throughout the season, the excitement just gets even bigger. As well as increased betting coverage of Mexican football, there are also more and more chances to watch the games, with live streaming and other options regularly providing access to the Primera action.

Should you choose to bet on any Primera game we strongly advise a quick visit to this very page before you do. With so many bookies covering Mexican football the difference between the best and worst available odds can be significant and our live odds comparison allows you to very quickly check the prices for all league games. It’s so easy to compare the odds from all the best bookmakers so you never need accept a lower price again and, if – or even when – you win, you’ll know you’ve taken every penny possible from the pockets of the oddsmakers – always a great feeling.

Typically the opening tournament begins in July and lasts through to December, with a short break over Christmas before the closing tournament starts in January and finishes in May. These traditional FIFA dates mean the best players are always available to the sides and with no truly dominate club in recent years, betting on the Primera, be that any of the matches or the outright league winner, is a great way to add variety to your football betting.

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