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Friday 18/10
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Major League Baseball was founded in 1903, well over 100 years ago, making it the oldest of America’s four major pro sports leagues. Baseball is popular in a surprising range of countries where there has been a US influence. Loved in Japan, Puerto Rico, Cuba and even South Korea, the game’s home is the United States and the sport’s pinnacle is the Major League.

Giants of MLB are icons of sport, brands known to people who may not even realise they are baseball teams. The New York Yankees are perhaps the biggest and best of them all and the off-field ubiquity stems from the sensational performances of the team on the pitch over the years.

The Yankees have won the World Series 27 times but names such as the Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers are almost as famous. Baseball offers thrills that few sports can match and has a broad appeal.

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How is Major League Baseball organised?

MLB was formed by the merger of the National League, which was founded in 1876 and the American League, created later in 1901. These two leagues still exist, with 15 teams each, collectively forming the 30-team major League.

As of 2018, there are 29 US sides and one, the Toronto Blue Jays, from Canada. In the regular season each of the sides plays a staggering 162 matches, sometimes playing twice in the same day. The huge volume of games in MLB means that there are so many betting options, with no shortage of matches for those who want to put their money where their mouth is.

Another result of the many games played is the fact that MLB boasts the highest seasonal attendance for any sport. As a comparison, the Premier League in English football has a total attendance of around 14 million, which is seriously dwarfed by the 73 million hot dog and beer-loving fans who watch MLB live.

The teams of each of the two Leagues are divided into three divisions, East, Central and, you guessed, West, with five teams in each loosely based on geographic proximity.

The season runs from the first Sunday of April until the first Sunday of October. Whilst sides play many games against their divisional rivals, they also play against the other two divisions in their league and also against one of the three divisions in the other league.

Each league carries five post-season berths, one for each divisional winner and a further two wild cards for the best performing sides. The 10 sides then contest the post-season from the start of October onwards before eventually we have just two left who contest the World Series.

The World Series

Those with little knowledge of baseball often comment that the World Series is a misnomer given only US and (one) Canadian teams take part. At this point some wise guy, as a US baseball fan might say, will smugly explain that the World Series gets its name from the New York World newspaper that originally sponsored the game. At this point an even smugger person will be forced to explain this is an urban myth.

In fact, the World Series was simply named such as a marketing ploy and also because at this time, way back in 1903, the US was rapidly becoming the world’s global superpower. The US was almost viewed as “the world”, at least by many within the United States; and moreover, the series included all of the best teams and players in the world.

The World Series is the pinnacle of MLB and as such it is the biggest game in baseball. Taking place at the end of the October it is played as a best of seven series. If you are going to bet on baseball just once a year, these seven games (okay, seven times a year!) are the time to get involved!

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