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The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Basketball Championship is the biggest prize in college basketball in the USA. College sports are huge in America in a way that is scarcely believable for UK and European fans and not only do they allow supporters a chance to get an early look at tomorrow’s superstars, they also provide high quality entertainment and, as ever, that entertainment and enjoyment is increased even more with a bet or two along the way. Here we take a closer look at the NCAA men’s championship, with a brief look at the format and history of the event, as well as what betting options there are.

Our live betting odds comparison is the quickest and easiest way to get the best value on all your NCAA bets, whether you are looking to place a wager on who will be the outright winner or simply want to have a punt on one of the many matches along the way to the Final Four showdown. Basketball is such a fast-paced sport with frequent scoring that there are loads of great bets and markets available but whatever you want to bet on, our odds comparison means you’ll get the most value and the biggest payout.

The Championship was founded way back in 1939 and has undergone almost ceaseless changes in format, structure and the number of teams and games involved. From the inaugural tournament until 1950 there were just eight teams involved before this was doubled to 16 and then expanded once more. Throughout the NCAA Championship’s history it has slowly and steadily expanded with one period of consolidation between 1985 and 2000 when it was maintained at 64 teams.

Since 2011 68 college sides have participated, although talk of expansion to 96 teams, or even 128 persists. The format, for now at least, sees 32 teams qualify automatically as champions of Division I conferences, with a further 36 sides added “at-large” via a nationally televised event, Selection Sunday, whereby the NCAA selection committee decide which other colleges should be invited to the party.

Games are broadcast around the world and NCAA basketball is undoubtedly big business, with betting on the sport also growing in recent years and some betting sites now even offering promotions specifically aimed at the NCAA Championship.

UCLA are the most successful side in the history of the NCAA with 11 titles, whilst Kentucky, champions in 2012, are next with eight. The dominant sides in recent years, however, have been Duke, from Durham, North Carolina and Connecticut. The pair have a total of nine NCAA crowns between them but they have won six of the last 15, which represents an impressive feat in such an open event.

Each spring the tournament progresses quickly through its various stages with the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four brandings adding to the razzamatazz and excitement that abounds in the tournament.

If you love the NBA or basketball generally, the NCAA Championship is a great option so we suggest you give it a go this spring and get involved with the next generation of basketball heroes.

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