French Ligue 1 2019/20 Odds Comparison and Betting Tips

Friday 22/11
8:45 PM PSG v Lille
1.237.5015.00All Odds
Saturday 23/11
5:30 PM Lyon v Nice
1.424.818.30All Odds
Saturday 23/11
8:00 PM Metz v Reims
2.883.102.86All Odds
Saturday 23/11
2.513.203.33All Odds
Saturday 23/11
1.743.855.75All Odds
Saturday 23/11
3.103.402.54All Odds
Saturday 23/11
2.943.402.54All Odds
Sunday 24/11
3.393.582.25All Odds
Sunday 24/11
2.403.353.20All Odds
Sunday 24/11
3.483.582.20All Odds
Friday 29/11
1.484.648.07All Odds
Saturday 30/11
3.503.512.18All Odds
Saturday 30/11
1.963.454.50All Odds
Saturday 30/11
2.663.153.00All Odds
Saturday 30/11
1.614.116.55All Odds
Saturday 30/11
8:00 PM Nimes v Metz
2.193.353.66All Odds
Saturday 30/11 Odds
Sunday 01/12
1.833.795.13All Odds
Sunday 01/12
2.303.343.43All Odds
Sunday 01/12
9:00 PM Monaco v PSG
7.505.001.42All Odds

Why Bet on the French Ligue 1?

With the exception of the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1 can lay claim to being the biggest domestic league in Europe, with several high-profile football clubs forming part of the division and giving it a broad global appeal.

There are twenty teams who compete in Ligue 1 during the course of the season, with that meaning thirty-eight rounds of matches taking place between August and May, with the top team landing the Ligue 1 title and qualifying for the Champions League.

The teams who finish second and third in Ligue 1 also qualify for the Champions League, while the team who finish in fourth place wind up qualifying for the Europa League along with the winner of the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue.

Betting on French football is very popular considering that many bookmakers offer live streaming of Ligue 1 matches, allowing customers to log into their betting account and access live action of any game from kick-off.

A bookmaker will typically offer over 100 pre-match betting markets on a Ligue 1 match, while you might find closer to 200 markets for the televised matches. When it comes to In-Play, you are also presented with a wide choice of betting options.

How to Get the Best French Ligue 1 Prices

Ligue 1 is a European football division which is taken seriously by the bookies and it’s important that you always get the biggest odds when you place a bet on a particular match. Thanks to the service at, you can be guaranteed the value time and time again thanks to the way that we provide an odds comparison service for French Ligue 1.

Say you are wanting to bet on a match between Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon. You might find that Bookmaker A and Bookmaker B offer even money about PSG, although Bookmaker C has odds of 5/4 available on the French champions. It naturally follows that you will land a bigger return from betting with Bookmaker C if you like this selection.

For a customer wanting to bet £100 on Paris Saint-Germain, taking the 5/4 instead of even money means a potential return that is £25 more and that is why it’s always important to back the biggest possible price.

Here at, we work with several leading bookmakers and we have access to their data feeds. This means that we can create Ligue 1 match pages, with odds showcased and we will highlight the biggest prices so that you’re always grabbing the value.

How Many Betting Accounts Should I Have for Ligue 1?

We recommend having at least three or four betting accounts for Ligue 1 betting. Start off with your favourite bookmaker and then take advantage of odds comparison by opening more betting accounts and making sure that you have options every time it comes to wagering on this division.

If you only have one betting account, you only have the one option when it comes to betting on a particular team to win a Ligue 1 match. Sometimes a bookie might be offering a particularly short price about a side compared to other firms, so taking that price might be short-changing yourself.

The big advantage to having several betting accounts online is you can enjoy welcome bonuses with each firm when you open an account. This is usually available in the form of a deposit bonus or alternatively a match first bet bonus.

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