NRL Australian Rugby League Betting Odds – The Toughest Rugby League Competition on the Planet

The National Rugby League (known as the NRL) is Australia’s premier league of rugby league clubs in Australasia. Including 15 teams from Australia itself and one from New Zealand, the NRL is generally regarded as the best rugby league competition on the world. Comparable with England’s Super League in terms of excitement and energy, the NRL has a little more skill and creativity as many of the world’s most talented players ply their trade there.

It is a great league on which to bet as many of the matches are highly competitive and hence the odds are often generous. And to be sure you get the best possible prices, always check out our NRL live betting odds comparison before placing your bets, whether on individual matches or on the Grand Final winner.

Of the 16 sides who currently compete in the National Rugby League, only one – the Sydney Roosters – has been around since the inception of the NRL’s forerunner, the New South Wales Rugby League, way back in 1908. Half of the teams are also based around the Greater Sydney area, where the sport is particularly popular.

As a winter sport in Australia, the NRL is a great league on which to bet for those based in the northern hemisphere who would usually bet on the big soccer leagues. After the regular season, the top eight sides progress to the finals series which culminates in the best two sides battling it out in the Grand Final. With loads of matches that are very tightly contested, there are some great betting opportunities, so why not give the NRL a try today?

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